Dentures Whitening and Cleaning for Brighter Smile

Maintaining dentures clean is always a hard task.

It is similar to how you used to brush your teeth, but people usually avoid cleaning of dentures doing that with a feeling that it is nothing natural and you don’t need to give such maintenance to the dentures.

Still, when there is food debris, stains accumulated on the dentures surface, you need to whiten them to make them look good and which give a natural feel once again when worn.

There are several ways to whiten dentures.

Denture Whiteners

There are a few denture whiteners you can buy at stores just for your dentures whitening.

Polident denture whitener is a tablet you drop in warm water and after running water and a toothbrush over your dentures, then you soak in Polident for at least 2 hours.

Pearl Drops denture whitener is liquid toothpaste you can use on teeth or dentures with 2 to 3 minutes brushing your dentures will be clean and after a week will start showing whiter dentures.

In the market, there are several toothpastes for teeth whitening available, depending on the strength and need. You may use them for denture whitening.

To name a few Crest Total Whitening, Colgate Whitening, Aqua Fresh Whitening and there is also a cream toothpaste with whitening activity in it. All these work real good to clean your teeth and help get stains off your dentures.

Home Denture Whiteners and Dentures Cleaning

There are a lot of home remedies you can use to whiten dentures.

The Baking soda and dish soap can be effective. Just put them in a bowl, mix together and dip your toothbrush in it and brush your dentures in a circular pattern. Make sure you brush the pink plate to get rid of germs. Rinse real well before putting back in mouth.

Baking soda and peroxide can also be used by making them into a paste, and then brushing the denture back and forth to remove all the stains that could not be possibly removed using the normal tooth brushing techniques. Rinse well in warm water, to make the cleansing more effective. You can leave the paste on the denture 2 to 3 minutes and then rinse off.

Some people who would think of going green and more eco-friendly dentures whitening, use White vinegar and water to soak the dentures, and here most of the times the superficial stains are removed without any mechanical forces to remove them.

Another way to clean and whiten your denture is in Bicarbonate of Soda. This bicarbonate is used with water in a bowl, and then the denture is soaked for 5 minutes. Using warm water, the dentures need to be scrubbed when they are removed from the bowl.

Some people like to use fruits to whiten their dentures. They use Strawberries to scrub across their dentures. It removes stains and whitens dentures. Many in the west, to whiten the natural teeth too use this same trick. Some also use orange peels to scrub their dentures, which not just help in whitening the dentures but also the taste gives a pleasant feel while the denture is inserted in the mouth.

You can also clean your dentures by Apple Cider Vinegar to remove stains and whiten your dentures. Once you soak the dentures in the Vinegar and remove it, dip the toothbrush into vinegar and brush the dentures. You can also brush your gums and tongue with it.

There is an unusual way to whiten dentures, which includes the usage of Aluminum foil, toothpaste and baking soda. The aluminum foil is taken and laid flat and then the baking soda, toothpaste are mixed and spread out on foil.

The denture should be rinsed and put in middle of paste. Wrap the foil around the dentures and let set for 3 to 4 hours. When you remove the denture from paste and foil, take your toothbrush and brush up and down. Then rinse with hot water. This has proved to be very effective but as it is a long process and a little difficult to do when compared to others, it is not used very regularly.