Ways to Whiten Teeth

Physical appearance has always been one of the factors of achieving good impressions from the people around us. This can be achieved not just through make-up, perfume, but also by smiling with your teeth so white.

Dentists recommend not just to brush our teeth three times a day but also to exert extra effort to clean it using floss, by visiting the dentist for an oral prophylaxis.

Stains on our teeth may be removed by daily brushing but stains caused by smoking usually stick to the teeth that it becomes hard to just remove it using a toothbrush.

Another cause of having stains on the teeth is the frequent drinking of coffee. However, some people who are desperate enough to get the real sparkling teeth use baking powder or gargle hydrogen peroxide with an extra precaution of not swallowing the liquid.

These two may also be combined to get a better result. Time-consuming as it is, the gargling of hydrogen peroxide and using baking power can be a cheaper means of whitening teeth.

The classic way on the other hand can just be attained by buying toothpaste that has bleaching elements. In it usually is a recommendation of using it for weeks to achieve better results. Toothpastes on the other hand may vary in prices. Those that are more expensive may promise faster results than the cheap ones.

Should people wonder why others take time to ask for a straw rather than just a glass in a restaurant or fast-food joint; one reason may be they might want to have white teeth too.

Use of straw in drinking lessens the possibility of staining the teeth as the liquid goes straight to the throat rather than passing through the whole mouth. Teeth-conscious individuals also give it a reason that they get to avoid the pressure and damage given by cold water once they simply drink it through the glass.

But for those who are really in a hurry to have marvelous teeth in minutes, the answer is in the modern technology we call Photoshop. In a few minutes, the artist can make any stains disappear.

They can even edit the shape of the teeth to obtain the desired look of teeth. Thanks to modern technology. That works for pictures but for real results you will need to use a product of some sort.

All these are simple aids to whitening the teeth but it should also be remembered that there is no way that the teeth can be whitened in a flash or can be whitened forever using bleaching agents.

One of the tips that should be remembered is that it’s a big No-No to clean or whiten the teeth using metal and scraping the teeth for it may damage them instead. One must consult first the dentist for a sure fire remedy.