Tooth Extraction Possible Complications

In about up to 4% of all extractions, a condition called dry socket might appear. This is a complication which appears when the blood will not form a clot at the area of the extraction.

This clot is important because it protects the extraction site. A dry socket can also occur if the blood clot will detach too soon from the tissue.

When there is a dry socket formed the bone from the jaw will come in direct contact with food particles and air. This is generally a very painful sensation, which appears in about the second or the third day after extraction.

Dry socket also occurs in about 30% of the cases of impacted teeth extraction. In order to treat the condition, the dentist will generally apply a special medicated gauze which will adhere to the tissue and protect it.

After extraction, all types of infections might also appear. Patients with a weakened immune system are the ones exposed to this type of risk the most.

Yet another complication might be the fracturing of the teeth in the vicinity of the extracted tooth. This is why it is extremely important to choose a dentist who is highly experienced, especially if you need major and complex dental treatment.

When the tooth is extracted the dentist will apply a bigger force upon the jaw. Sometimes, jaw fracture can also occur during extraction. This is a side effect mainly seen in people who have got very weak bones (such as osteoporosis patients, or the elderly).

A very rare complication of dental extraction is the nerve damage (the alveolar nerve damage).

This is when the patient will be left with numbness in the lower chin or the lip. Healing can take up to 6 months, and very rarely, sensation will not be reestablished even after this period.

Complications such as not being able to open the mouth after an extraction are quite common, but this is either because of the injections received or because too much pressure has been put upon the jaw. In 24 to 48 hours, patients will be able to open wide their mouth again without any problem.