Why It’s Time to Put Aside Your Fear of the Dentist

Dentistry has come a long way in recent years. So has our knowledge of dental problems and how important they are for maintaining your health.

Here are some of the reasons you should stop fearing the dentist and start looking for a good one.

Many Dental Procedures are Painless

Dentists now have all kinds of tools and technology to minimize pain and discomfort. In case you need something like a root canal, an extraction or some type of dental surgery, you will be given novocaine or another type of anesthetic.

Dental Problems Are Serious -Research now links dental problems such as gum disease with serious health problems such as heart disease. This is because infections can spread from the mouth to other parts of the body.

Even if you don’t relish the idea of going to the dentist, you can avoid even more pain by just going. If you want to make sure you find someone who knows about the link between dental and general health, find a qualified dentist.

The More Often You Go, the Easier It Will Be

If you’ve been avoiding the dentist for the last 20 years, you may have some issues that need addressing. On the other hand, if you start going regularly, you’ll soon find that you get your dental health under control.

At this point, going to the dentist will be routine and you’ll mainly be dealing with checkups, cleanings and maybe the occasional cavity. The longer you wait, though, the more of a major event it will be.

You Will Look Your Best

If your health isn’t sufficient reason to make an appointment with the dentist, perhaps an appeal to vanity will help. When your teeth are clean and you take care of any problems such as misalignments or gaps in your mouthm your smile will be brighter. This gives you more confidence and can help your social life as well as your career.

A cosmetic dentist can take care of more advanced issues, but any good dentist will soon have your teeth looking their best. Eventually, it will be obvious to others that you have avoided the dentist for too long!

Stop Avoiding the Dentist

The above are some of the reasons why you should stop letting your fears prevent you from visiting a dental physician. Things always seem worst when you put them off for a long time. If you just make that appointment, you’ll find it wasn’t so bad after all!

  • http://www.dentistsindenver.com/index.php Emman@RMDP

    I think dental fear these days are long gone, technological advances in dentistry swept away those traditional and annoying sound of drills. :)

  • http://www.monticellodental.com/ Numpol Dejtiranukul, DMD

    With so many advancements in technology, going to the dentist does not have to be a painful experience.

    Dental local anesthetic has come a long way. Many years dentist were limited on the kinds of anesthetic that could be used. Now with some of the newer anesthetics out there such as Septocaine, generic for Articaine, most times we can achieve very profound anesthesia where our patients feel nothing.

    New delivery methods of anesthetic can also be used nowadays to provide better anesthesia.

    Some of the newer formulations of topical anesthetic gel that is place in the mouth before the injection have improved dramatically of the years as well, and this helps to give a painless injection.

    And new techniques in laser dentistry can be used to removed cavities with very little discomfort.

    Its a very exciting time in dentistry with all the major improvements in technology not to mention the patient experience at the dental office.