The Differences between Removable and Fixed Dentures

Cosmetic dentistry has brought many a smile to the faces of many people who have any number of dental problems by helping them to overcome these problems.

The cosmetic dentists are absolutely the right type of practitioner who needs to be consulted when a people need solutions to their dental problems that may be the result of the discoloration of teeth, missing teeth, chipped teeth, or broken teeth.

The solutions can be provided in form of dental implants, removable cosmetic dentures, fixed dental bridges, and other procedures.

The most common procedures of cosmetic dentistry among these that most people choose are removable cosmetic dentures and fixed dental bridges.

Artificial devices that are used to replace missing teeth are known as dentures and they are supported by the surrounding hard and soft tissues within the mouth. Removable dentures have been in use in various forms over several thousand years.

Early dentures were made out of everything from animal or human teeth, wood, and porcelain. It wasn’t until the 20th century that acrylic resins and plastic were used.

When a person first sees a cosmetic dentist, his options are explained to him in order to enhance his appearance and dental structure. The immediate result of this consultation frequently leaves the patient wondering which mode of treatment is best for him, removable cosmetic bridges or fixed dental bridges.

Although fixed dental bridges are the porcelain replacement of the teeth which must be placed adjacent healthy teeth, removable cosmetic dentures are acrylic replacements for which it is not necessary to have any kind of abutment.

Another important point regarding the difference between the two dental restoration solutions is that fixed dental bridges are only capable of replacing one to five teeth where as removable cosmetic dentures can replace all the teeth if it is necessary.

The absolute best person to help a patient make this decision is the cosmetic dentist because they are the ones who know the dental health of the patient and can therefore guide the patient as to whether he should opt for removable cosmetic dentures or fixed dental bridges.

In order to make this determination, the cosmetic dentist will usually advise the patient to have a complete dental examination done which involves detailed X rays in order to determine the jaw’s teeth, and gum’s condition.

It is very necessary for the patient to understand that the teeth that have been lost need to be replaced by either removable cosmetic dentures or removable dental bridges because the empty space will not only spoil the natural arrangement of the other teeth but will also cause problems during the daily activities of speaking and eating.

When comparing the benefits of fixed dental bridges and removable cosmetic dentures, one important consideration is the expense and the fact is that the cost of removable cosmetic dentures is much less than fixed dental bridges.

There are advantages and disadvantages to everything. Fixed dental bridges have the advantage of providing a more natural smile and the disadvantage of being more expensive. Removable cosmetic dentures provide a less attractive smile but are relatively inexpensive.