The Best Way for Broken Tooth Repair

Tooth enamel is made of the hardest substances in the human body, but teeth still have their breaking point. If you receive a blow to the face, it’s possible that some of your teeth will get broken or damaged. This is known as a dental injury.

Teeth usually break as a result of trauma — from biting down on something hard, for example, or from a blow to the face. A child may fracture a tooth falling off a bike or curb during play. Cavities that have weakened the tooth also can cause chipping or fractures.

If you are in pain from a broken tooth, cracked or chipped tooth, you may want to take an over-the-counter pain reliever or self-made toothache remedy. If you have a minor chip in your tooth, there’s no need to panic. You’re not in any danger of losing your tooth. Also, if possible, keep any part of the tooth that has broken off and take this with you to the dentist.

If you have a more serious tooth fracture, dental injury, consider it a dental emergency. Rinse your mouth with warm water and call your dentist to get an appointment right away.

There are always small fracture lines running through the enamel of all teeth, and these are of little consequence. More serious are those that propagate through the deeper layers of dentin; these definitely create structural weaknesses, and may even involve the pulp of the tooth.

If you broken tooth you’ll want to see your dentist as soon as possible. Your dentist will need to determine if tooth break was caused by decay and if the nerve is in danger. Adults with a damaged nerve usually will require root canal treatment, but in children, there’s a possibility the nerve can be saved if the dentist is able to treat the problem immediately.

If you must eat, eat only soft foods until you’ve be seen by your dentist. Also be sure to chew on the opposite side of the mouth from the damaged tooth. If you chew on the damaged tooth you will cause further irritation and perhaps even infection, resulting in further damage or tooth loss. Also avoid extremely hot or extremely cold food. Foods that have extreme temperatures cause further pain and can further irritate the damaged area.

Broken Tooth Repair (Fixing Dental Injury)

There are many possible treatments for broken teeth, depending on the severity of the break.

When a dentist suggests that a dental filling should not be placed but instead the tooth should have the protection of a dental crown they are no doubt basing their recommendation on their years of dental training and clinical experience.

Mark Bornfeld DDS:

More than likely, a crown is the most appropriate treatment, assuming the tooth is not in some other way compromised. That caveat is important: a tooth with an extensive history of deep multiple-surface fillings is at risk for other problems, such as vertical fracture through the root, pulpal infection, additional extensive decay, and others.

There is no point in having a crown made if the tooth is doomed for some reason unrelated to the recent fracture. In short, a thorough diagnostic assessment of the tooth and surrounding area must be made in order to devise a reliable, appropriate treatment.

The decision as to when a tooth should be restored by crown rather than by filling is a subjective one, but not necessarily a blind guess. A dentist with relatively few years of experience will know when a tooth is in danger of cracking.

For teeth that need more than a filling, a crown is the most commonly prescribed restoration.

  • sumeet

    Dear Doctor,
    My daughter has now completed 11years. At the age of 8years she got her front teeth broken as a result of slipping whilst roller scating. The tooth was broken diagonally causing a space in between the two front teeth. There is also space developing between the tooth. What is the best possible permanent remedy. It looks very ugly when she smiles. I would really be obliged for your valuable and early reply.


  • C. Kovacs

    Advise, please of ways to save my tooth – 60 y.o generally OK teeth, except had two extractions {due to poverty then; now OK}. Now the one tooth between the two missing ones has cracked to the gumline like triangle shape missing top of one side to gum of other. This tooth had a prior crown which came off with the break. Measuring from center this broken tooth would be the fifth (on top right side).
    I’m trying to understand my options, if any. Please help if you can. Thank you — C Kovacs

  • Niglet

    Put a dab of super glue elmers only! Gently apply using a soft cloth or q-tip .Allow one hour to dry then apply second coate and then do not drink liquids for 8 hours and once I’ve hit 8 hours rinse your mouth out with hot salt and pepper water then repeat rinse with cold salt water then you should be good to go. It workerd for my two boys so it should work for you thank you and come again

  • lisa smith

    Dear Doctor:
    Three unit bridge on #5 & #6, one unit of the bridge was hanging on #4 place because teeth #4 was missing.

    I was recommanded to have a root canal done on #5 after the x-ray was taken. The dentist did the root canal through the bradge. But the bradge came off after 19 days after the root canal was done. I found the tooth #5 was broken. The tooth was not broken before before the procedure.

    My question is what could passibly caused the tooth to be broken during the root canal procedure? Could it be that the endodontist had applied either too much or wrong pressure to the tooth and caused it to break?

    Thank you very much!

  • Dr. Chetan

    Lisa smith,

    The bridge that would have come off, probably might be due to either dentist’s carelessness, or because of excessive forces placed by you during chewing any hard food.
    Also, yes the tooth becomes brittle when root canal is done, as the core portion of tooth is gone. Giving excessive forces on that tooth can cause breakage of the crown, and support for the bridge is lost.

    During root canal treatment, there is very less chances for a tooth to break. And later, depending on how well the crown is placed and how the forces are distributed while chewing, the future of tooth is decided.

  • shihab afsar

    Dear Doctor..
    Iam 19 Yrs Old.My Front Teeth Broken 30% In A Bike Accident, And Left Of That Broken Teeth Have Many Fracture Lines(To Enamel),Both Vertical And Horizontal,But I didnt Get Any Hard Pain,Just I Feels An Uncomfortable While Having Cold Foods
    Is This Cause For Complete Losing Of My Teeth.?What Are The Treatments For This(Long Lasting)?Any Need Of Root Canal Treatment?

  • Dr. Chetan

    shahib afsar,

    Was it a damage to the upper teeth or the lower ones?
    And as you are saying its the chipping off the top portion of the tooth, you need to immediately show it to the dentist as you can’t judge whether the injury is going to reach the pulp or not. The dentist will decide whether to go with the root canal treatment, or to just conserve it with a crown placement to restore the normal function.

    Also, feeling uncomfortable while having cold foods clearly indicates that you have lost the enamel area and dentin exposure gives sensitivity to cold foods. Placing an artificial crown would help, only after its decided on how much damage the fractures have given. See a dentist to check for the need of root canal treatment.

  • Jessie Clark

    My tooth was after root canal theraphy and has just fractured badly quite deep under the gum. do I need this tooth out now?
    thank you

  • Fionna

    Just brush your teeth at least twice a day, avoid eating hard foods on a regular basis, and go get your bi-annual cleanings. If you lack dental insurance, your local state dental college can assist you with cleaning and x-ray services.

  • Carly

    Iv got two teeth that have cracked so that half is now missing i dont have any pain with it but one of the teeth now has a really big hole in it. Can anything be done to save them?

  • Raachael

    My son broke off the inside corners of his 2 top front teeth when he was 7. He is 10 now and has had a root canal in one of them about a year and a half ago. They are fixed with a tooth colored composite material which doesn’t look all that good and one is loger than the other. I guess the root canal one is shorter because it quit growing afterward.Is there a certain age that he needs to be to get them capped? Or what else can be done to make them look natural again? Right now you can see the tooth composite and they always look stained with a brownish-yellow line where the tooth and composite material meet.It makes him very upset when other kids say stuff to him about his teeth. what are my options?

  • Conrad

    Dear Doctor,
    I recently had my right incisor(I think thats what its called, one next to my front tooth)broken out. Eating is difficult because I can only use the left side of my mouth. The nerve is slightly exposed and EXTREMELY sensitive even to air temperature. I know I will be getting a crown but do you think I’m going to require a root canal as well?

  • Biman bora

    Dear doctor,
    i m 20yrs old boy and
    its about 4yrs ago when one of my front insicor teeth broke due to an accident,and the lower prt of the tooth broke off due to which i have been facing many problems for it ,n also had to face insult from people,but now i couldn’t take it any more ,please doctor help me what should i do…