The Appropriate Use of Teeth Whitening Products

Teeth whitening kits and special products can be found nowadays everywhere: at grocery stores, at pharmacies, at online stores or directly at the dentist’s office.

All of these teeth whitening products will help you gain that beautiful and pearly white smile you have been dreaming about.

However, some people are quite reluctant when it comes to using teeth whitening products because they wonder whether there are too many side effects to these at-home kits. Indeed, there might be a few complications, but most of these little problems can be avoided if you know how to use the teeth whitening products properly.

A few years ago the teeth whitening products contained harsh chemicals that were damaging the teeth (the tooth nerve got exposed, or the enamel of the tooth was chipped).

Also, in the past people were using these whitening products in excess, and the majority of them developed tooth sensitivity. Today, the greatest majority of the whitening products contain high quality ingredients that are gentle on the tooth, and problems such as tooth sensitivity or painful reactions are extremely rare.

If your teeth are extremely sensitive, you should undergo teeth whitening services at the local cosmetic dentistry office instead of using a product that you choose randomly.

If however, you would like to use teeth whitening product at home, you should always be careful and select a whitening kit that is specifically designed for sensitive teeth. You should also respect the dosage recommendations, and never use the tooth whitening products extremely often.

Teeth whitening products that have as main active ingredient hydrogen peroxide can cause tooth sensitivity and even pain if you use the product in excess. Dental professionals recommend that you should never use whitening kits more than two times per year.

The instructions of use vary from one product to the other, so you should always read carefully the labels. Reading the directions carefully will help you avoid the misuse of the product and this will also protect you from any negative side effects.

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