Teeth Whitening: Home dental Kits vs. In Office Whitening

Are there any procedures needed before dental whitening?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure through which discolorations and stains from the teeth are eliminated successfully. However, in order for the procedure to have the desired effect, first the patients must make sure sure to treat all dental complications he/she might struggle with

  • for crooked teeth, first have them straightened with dental braces
  • for dental caries, get proper cavity fillings
  • gum disease patients should get proper treatment to restore the natural health of their gumline and teeth

Can I achieve the same results whether I use in office or home teeth whitening?

There are basically two important types of teeth whitening available: the laser/in-office dental whitening and the use of dental whitening kits at home. Certainly, the home teeth whitening kits contain peroxide gel that has a much lower concentration than the one used in the office, hence the results will also be less satisfactory.

It is advisable that you get one single such dental whitening procedure per year. If you go through teeth whitening procedures in excess, you might expose your teeth to certain risks such as a weakened enamel, dental sensitivity, and even the apparition of gingivitis

Which type of treatment is more effective? Why?

The reason why there is a peroxide gel of much lower consistency in the home kit is because the improper use of the gel might cause several side effects.

Also, if you know about yourself that you are not consequent at following home treatments with regularity, it is no use to waste your money on home dental whitening kits, because you will not get the best results. Even if it will cost a little bit more, it is better to talk to your dentist and get an in office laser dental whitening for perfect results.

Neon white is the best?

It will take approximately 1 and up to 2 hours for the procedure in office, while if you use the home dental kit you need to wear a mouthguard with the gel for at least 2 weeks. Teeth whitening is suitable in case you have stained, yellowish or discolored teeth.

It is extremely important to keep in mind that you should never wish to achieve the immaculate, “fluorescent” white results. This will only make your teeth look unnatural.

The natural color of the teeth is ivory and not immaculate white. A set of neon white teeth will also make your smile look very artificial, and it might make you look older too.

Just aim for a natural white set of teeth, instead of going to the dentist every few months for the sake of neon white, artificial looking teeth.

Is maintenance needed after dental whitening?

After the in office whitening, your dentist will tell you that you need to perform maintenance.

This means that in order to keep the natural white color of your smile for longer, you should use regularly whitening toothpaste, and a whitening effect mouthwash. This is the ideal dental hygiene routine after you have performed costly dental whitening at the cosmetic dentist.


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    I just wanted to ask a question since I’ve been planning to have some treatment but I am too busy to drop by at my dentist’s office.

    The procedures needed before dental whitening are they really needed? for example a crooked teeth, we all know how expensive dental braces are, not to mention it would take time before it properly straighten one’s teeth if you are unluckly it would take years, are these really needed, mine’s a bit crooked, but Im sure I have the proper dental fillings, i dont have a gum disease and I regularly visit my dentist so there are no problems exept that “crooked teeth”

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    With the vast array of home whitening teeth kits available today I think it’s best to try it at home cheaply rather than go through the time and expense of having a similar treatment at a dentist.

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    I think the cost associated can be quite an obstacle for some people. I always recommend regular visits to a dental hygienist along with a teeth whitening system to begin the transformation process. It’s an avenue which is dramatically cheaper, plus there are numerous companies that offer these systems which offer free trials.

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