Straighten Teeth Without Braces

The whole process of teeth straightening with dental braces can be very long, uncomfortable and sometimes ugly.

If you feel that braces aren’t your type of thing, then one of these other methods can be the right solution to fix crooked teeth.

iBraces are a nice alternative to conventional braces because they work like traditional braces, but are bracketed on the inside making them virtually invisible. They fit comfortably because they are custom made to fit each individual tooth.

One method to fix teeth without dental braces is Invisalign. This innovative system uses a series of retainer-type mouthpieces which will shape your teeth.

Usually, Invisalign results can be seen in a year’s time. This method is best for those who have minor teeth misalignment only.

Another method to fix crooked teeth is to have veneers applied to your teeth. Veneers will instantly give you a perfect smile minus all the pain of actual teeth straightening.

Veneers can be made out of porcelain or of composite material. Each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and it would be a good idea to speak to your dentist on which type is best for you.

Cosmetic contouring is another route to take to straighten teeth, especially if it is a problem with overcrowding. The process is pain-free and involves a series of procedures that focuses on reshaping your teeth.

Most of the time, it will take 1-3 visits to your dentist before actual results are seen. On the other hand, if the extent of correction is very limited, a removable orthodontic appliance can be used.

This type of technique works on the top teeth only. There are also a lot of drawbacks to this method but it is still a viable option aside from braces.

If you’ve previously had braces before but noticed some shifting in your teeth, you could ask for a specially designed retainer. Those who need minor corrections to straighten teeth are good candidates for retainers.

Now you know that it is actually possible to straighten teeth without braces. Ask your dentist for the best possible option of fixing teeth for you. It will be all worth it especially now that you have the option to fix crooked teeth using no braces.

  • jonathan

    i want to know if it’s other method that i can fix my crooked teeth without braces something that can fix my teeth faster!!!!!… or if it possible to replace my crooked teeth

  • tammy

    where can you get the orthodontic appliance that straightens the top teeth.thank you.

  • Faren Price

    Thank you very much for this info. I was actually planning to send my eldest to the dentist to get braces. I’ll ask them if they have this alternative procedures. Hope they do not cost much.

  • Philbert Suresh

    Is tiger tooth part of the teeth structure- It lookswaful when you smile well.if is on the upper left jaw inside the mouth

    Sedongly keepign tiger tooth is anaient custm of lick and good fortune> How far is this related to human.

  • Rosie

    My sister got something just like “Cosmetic Contoruring” and I want to no how long and how much . If eny one can respond that would be great!

  • Edward Logan, DDS

    Each of these options mentioned can help produce a straight smile, but it really depends on how crooked the teeth are and what the bite is like to determine what would work best. Contouring and bonding are quick and painless, but will only work in mild cases. Your dentist can help guide you in making a decision on what might work best for you.

  • dentist in Arlington Texas

    Another benefit to Invisalign is the convenience. I had a client come in who needed her teeth straightened out but was moving out of the country. With Invisalign, she was able to bring multiple trays with her to switch out regularly, gradually straightening her teeth without having to come back overseas for dental appointments.

  • Dr. James Kearney DDS

    Ceramic braces with “invisible” wires are also a great solution!

  • Bryan

    My God, I guess I’ll have to be shy for the rest of my life. I can afford any of this. Wish me luck and my soul rest in peace.

  • Mary Poles

    Hello , I have spent some money on getting my teeth straight but there is no change which is a same but there are dentist out there that will take your money but not all are the same. I am now loking to be a test patient I am retired but planning to return to ork in the public area of Education. Would love to have straight teeth before I died. This has been a life long dream.