Speed Braces – Straighten Teeth Fast

Sometimes people do need fast changes and good quality in the same time. When speaking about malocclusion treatment here comes the well known speed braces.  They represent a modified alternative to the old, but still used traditional braces. Here we’ll analyze the pros and cons of speed braces treatment.

There is no big difference between speed braces and the traditional ones. Their principle of working and purpose are the same. It has been modified only the structure of the brackets used there. This innovative technology uses self ligating brackets that do not need rubber bands or extra wire to hold them.

They are designed like individual trap doors and hold the arch wire in place. These brackets incorporate a sliding process, through which teeth are able to straighten quicker and easier towards their desired destination. They also decreases any friction between the wire and brackets which reduces the necessary dentist visits.

Speed braces are also called 6 month braces because they reduce the necessary time for treatment twice. Just imagine how fast they are in comparison with the traditional ones that are able to straighten your teeth in a 1 to 2 years period of time. It means that there is no more necessity to wear these so called “metal mouths” for long time periods.

The luckiest ones are children because their jaw bone is more flexible and easily modified with speed braces. Adults have to wait for years until their teeth will come to the desirable position. However, speed braces are able to shorten the result coming moment without loosing in quality.

In fact quality is very important. Even if it seems that 6 month braces are used only for beauty or cosmetic purposes the real reasons are more serious. Having straightened your teeth with speed braces you make them healthier in the same time. It means that there will be no necessity in tooth extraction or palatal expanders as a result of untreated malocclusion.

Speed braces are considered good for everybody, including children and older people. However, the dentist is the last one to decide can you have speed braces or not. He will carefully study your dental history. Some past dental treatments or fillings may not allow you have your teeth straightened faster.

While looking for a professional be ready to find out that not all dentists are allowed to have access to speed braces technology. Those who offer speed braces tend to have extensive experience in orthodontistry. They combine this knowledge with skilled restorative and cosmetic dental care to offer speed braces services at high quality.

There are lingual speed braces, too. These speed braces are different from the usual ones by the way they are applied. Lingual speed braces are fixed on the inner side of the teeth, being absolutely invisible for other people. Nobody will know that you are wearing speed braces.

Lingual speed braces and other types of speed braces are much better then traditional ones because they allow you take better care about your teeth, too. The brackets are much smaller. It increases the area of the tooth where they are applied making possible brushing.

These small bracket do not leave big yellow spots on your teeth after taking the braces off. It means fewer future whitening procedures and less sensitivity as a result. But, considering all pros and cons of speed braces, anyway the main reason of their usage is the time economy. Using speed braces we not only get faster a beautiful smile, but we get faster a healthy digestion and body, too.

  • Hubert

    My ex daughter-in-law told my son that their son ( who just turned 10 years old and does not have crooked teeth, tight teeth or anything of that nature) needs to have braces. My argument is that a 10-year old with no problems in his mouth does not require braces. He has not lost all his baby teeth yet and will only require more brace treatment when he loses all those teeth (even if he requird braces now). I question the integrity of any dentist who would want to put braces on a child 10 years of age who has no current problems. I feel this is only a money-grab by the dentist. I would appreciate your feelings on this matter.

  • Marcela

    Well do not do anything at his young age. They caught my daughter with that exact problem. They just want the money, wait until he is older and has moved in all his teeth. He may not even need them at all. Take him to another dentist and get another opinion on this subject. Just to let you know my daughter has had them for already 4 years. So do not make the same mistake I made.

  • http://www.braceslife.com Steve Riojas

    I currently am wearing fastbraces. Im 30 years old and finally decided to them because my parents couldn’t afford them for me. Anyway I can’t speak anything bad about these braces. So far Im only 1 month and have had great results with them so far. No rubber bands, shorter time and cheaper than standard braces, I still don’t understand why traditional braces are even still sold! My doc told me about 9 months and that’s it. This was my main reason for getting them. Because of my age I would have had them off even sooner so for parents reading this and are consider getting fastbraces for there kids get them! Again cheaper, and must faster getting them off there is no reason why ou wouldn’t

  • Gen

    Hello, I got my fast braces on a month ago as well. I was thinking of starting a log to show the results. I had one very misaligned tooth. In one month its already moved so much straighter. Sometimes my teeth are sensitive when I’m eating. You always have to brush your teeth and you can’t eat what you would always want to. I am also a bit older… 27! I figured it was time to have straight teeth. I would recommend the procedure. I decided to write on this page because before I got my braces, I saw nothing anywhere online. Don;t be hesitant! They really do work. If anyone would like to see a picture blog, let me know.