Sensitivity and Discomfort after Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has been known for many years, including its marvelous effects on our self-esteem and others opinion. The relation between tooth sensitivity and whitening has been known, too. But, is it so serious that we should worry about it?

20 year studies has proved already many times that tooth sensitivity and teeth whitening are connected as a cause and effect, but the damage is not permanent. It is absolutely alright to have some minor and temporary tooth sensitivity the first few days after the teeth whitening process.

Teeth sensitivity is stronger when applying to the dentist’s help. Home products do not have the same easy-to-notice effects, but teeth whitening effect is not so evident, too. It’s absolutely true that home methods of teeth whitening are cheaper. But it’s also true that their efficiency sometimes can disappoint you.

Anyway, it’s better to have your teeth whitened. Firstly teeth whitening is fast and harmless. The home teeth whitening products are made for the average consumer. What if you have some delicate teeth needs? The tooth sensitivity and whitening relation can become really painful.

While visiting the dentist you can be sure that any emergency situation will be solved. You can have some useful pieces of advice, too. Any future visits won’t need inappropriate comments on your last actions that leaded to tooth sensitivity and teeth whitening consequences.

It’s interesting to know that women are more likely to have their teeth whitened. Dentists observed that only 25% of men practice this cosmetic procedures. It is well known that teeth whitening doesn’t treat your teeth. It only cleans them. Probably men are more concerned about health than appearance. However, it was always pleasant to look at white teeth, but especially to have.