Sensitive Teeth Advanced Solution from Scientists

About 3 in 4 people struggle with some sort of tooth sensitivity. They get that throbbing pain while eating or drinking hot, cold, sour or sweet foods, and it seems that the only available tools to combat the problem, are the sensitive toothpastes and the mouthwashes.

Some patients who can afford it, will also turn to a more radical solution, that of dental veneers to cover the entire outer surface of the tooth.

A new study appearing in the ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces journal, reveals that scientists have come across a new finding to treat sensitive teeth in the future. They state that the sticky adhesive-like substance that is created in nature by mussels to adhere better to the rocks might be the solution. By using a similar substance, teeth will start rebuilding both the dentin and the enamel at the same time.

Scientists say that the sticky adhesive used in nature by the mussels could actually be the starting point in creating a substance with similar properties to be used in the fight against sensitive teeth. The sensitive teeth condition actually occurs when the enamel of the tooth wears away, exposing more of the dentin.

Thus, when the tooth comes in contact with any hot, cold, sweet or sour food, its nerve will immediately start “signaling” and pain will occur.

The scientists have immersed human teeth into a special solution containing the sticky substance and minerals. They noticed that the tooth started repairing itself, and both dentin and enamel were reconstructed nicely and naturally.

On the other hand, the teeth that were immersed only in a solution containing mineral substances, reconstructed only the enamel, and not the dentin.

Researchers now state that the substance find in nature is actually the next best solution for remineralizing both dentin and enamel at the same time. Thus, the tooth will nicely rebuild, and the sensitive teeth matter is one of the past…

Such findings in the field of dentistry are extremely important, because a long bothering problem of sensitive teeth could be finally solved. What is even more outstanding, is that the condition will be treated with all natural substances and not chemical solutions which can prove harmful.