How to Save Money and Find Low Cost Dental Implants

Thorough comparison shopping

When you need such major dental work as dental implants, you need to carefully plan your research.

Contact several dentists/dental clinics and ask for quotes. Be careful with deceptive advertising saying one dental implant costs “only $999”.

Typically this is only the price for the implant itself (the part that is inserted into the jaw bone), and other costs are not yet included such as the price of the abutment, the fees of the dentist, the temporary crown, possible bone grafting, dental X-rays, anesthetics and so on.

Compare carefully the overall price for the implants and make a well informed decision.

Consider a larger geographic area

If you live in a small town with only one major dental clinic existent, chances are they will charge you exaggerated fees. However, if you consider choosing a clinic from a larger city, where competition is tough, you will have a variety of options, and you will certainly get many affordable quotes that you can compare.

Dental tourism is an option

Considering dental tourism is a smart option, especially if you need to replace several missing teeth with dental implants. Some of the most popular cosmetic dentistry paradise locations include countries such as Mexico, Hungary, Poland, Costa Rica or Thailand.

To broaden your horizons regarding prices charged for dental implants in many parts of the world, check out the list below:

-in the US the price for a dental implant with all extra fees included (without grafting), is about $3,600 to $4,300. In the UK the prices are somewhat cheaper, since you can get a dental implant for about $3,000 to $3,500

-If you choose Spain as a dental/vacation destination, prepare to pay about $2,800 for an implant. Travel farther East on the map to Italy, the cost of a dental implant here is about $1,800 only.

-by choosing US neighboring Mexico, the cost of a dental implant at a high tech clinic is about $1,600. Romania is yet another country of choice for many dental tourism travellers, and here a dental implant costs about $1,200 to $1,400

-the cheapest destinations include Thailand with $900/dental implant, Croatia with $850/implant India with $850/implant or Hungary with $900/dental implant at a specialized dental clinic

Ask about alternatives

Even though dental insurance does not cover for dental implants, but it does offer certain coverage for the next best alternatives such as dental crows or dental bridges. If you do not necessarily want dental implants, then you could go for bridges/crowns and save quite some money.

You can also save a lot of money on dental implant procedures if you will opt for a discount dental plan, or if you would research to find a school of dentistry where they provide dental implants on affordable costs.

  • Romania

    I had my teeth done in Romania. Great services and very cheap. City I went to is called iasi.

  • Emily Chan

    Thanks for the great info. I just had a quote for implant for one of my decay teeth. The quote is shocking expensive even I have health insurance. I think the best way to avoid implant is have your teeth brushed often and have regular check up.