Root Canal Treatments Important Considerations

Root canal treatment is such a scary notion for so many patients. However you should know that if the pulp of the tooth is extremely badly infected, there is one last thing you can do to save your tooth: root canal treatment. It is either this, or an extraction.

The dentist, or rather the endodontist is the one who is going to let you know if the root canal treatment is recommended and efficient in your case, or you should go straight for an extraction.

Firstly, if you know that you dentist does not offer such treatments you need to look for a very good endodontist. Make sure to run a thorough research online in order to find a very reputable professional who performs generally such treatments.

You should start by reading online genuine reviews of other patients who have undergone this type of treatment with the respective professional. You will understand immediately from those reviews if the endodontist is indeed a highly skilled and patient professional, serving his patients the best way.

A root canal treatment is typically completed in more stages. There might be needed even up to 3 appointments. The endodontist will apply a temporary filling after he removes thoroughly the infection, and then he will insert a medication.

Then, if within a few weeks the pain will still not stop and infection persists, it means that the tooth could not be saved so an extraction is inherent. If the treatment is successful, on the last appointment the dentist will take out the temporary filling and he is going to perform a permanent filling.

On top of this filling, he will recommend that you get a dental crown, because your tooth is now practically only a shell, and with the next bite of food it could easily crack.

In order to preserve the tooth after root canal treatment, a customized dental crown is needed. Since the original tooth is now weak, it needs to be protected and reinforced with a special durable crown. Root canal treatment recovery is fast, and it will be accompanied by minor pain felt for a few days after treatment.

You should definitely start reading important root canal dentist reviews, in order to find a truly good professional to perform the procedure. Of course, many people tend to avoid the root canal treatment altogether, and opt for an extraction.

So the badly damaged tooth is extracted, but you need to think of it that a replacement is necessary. After extraction, within a few months you could loose important jaw bone density, so the dentist will advise you to get a dental implant.

Some patients who are extremely anxious and struggle with dental phobia, will generally undergo root canal treatments under sedation, and this way they will not feel or remember anything from the procedure.

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