Getting Rid of a Toothache

Some of the most severe forms of a toothache may include the inability to talk, the inability to eat, and even the inability to breathe. The best way to remedy this situation is to visit a dentist, but if the option of visiting a dentist is not available, there are several home remedies that may soothe the pain for a little while.

Clove oil
One of the most effective ways to remedy a toothache is to use clove oil. Cloves have been used for an extremely long time to help soothe the pain associated with toothaches. In order to use this form of treatment, the person will need to apply clove oil to a small piece of cotton. Afterwards, the cotton will need to be placed directly on the aching tooth and on the gums that are surrounding the tooth. In addition to the clove oil, a person can also apply a whole clove directly to the tooth. The clove will need to be held next to the affected area for about 30 minutes, and once the clove begins to soften, the person will need to chew it to release the oils that it holds.

Baby aspirin
Baby aspirin can also be used as a temporary relief for a toothache. Unlike the normal way of swallowing the medicine, the aspirin will need to be crushed into a fine powder and applied directly to the affected area. Before applying the aspirin, the person will need to add a little water to it; therefore, the aspirin will turn into a paste that will stick to the gums or tooth. It is best to used flavored aspirin since it will not leave a bitter taste in the person’s mouth.

Warm water and table salt
The most common home remedy for a toothache is warm water and table salt. Salt is designed to reduce moisture, and once the moisture is reduced from the tissues that have suffered the damage, the pain will begin to subside. Although salt can work by itself, it is best to add warm water with the salt. Furthermore, salt has the ability to fight any infections that are associated with the tooth, and many experts have claimed that warm water and salt can cure the toothache completely. When using the remedy of water and salt, the person should be sure to use warm water. Cold water can damage the nerves of the tooth, and the pain will quickly become unbearable.

Since most people will eventually get a toothache, it is best to know quick remedies that will allow the pain to be easier to manage. However, people should also remember that the best way to treat and prevent toothaches is to schedule regular appointments with a dentist. Dentists will be able to provide the treatment that will get rid of the toothache forever.