Restorative Dentistry for the Picture Perfect Smile

Comprehensive restorative dentistry treatments are suitable for patients with a wide spectrum of dental complications.

However, in order to be done at the highest quality standards, restorative dentistry techniques should be offered by a specialized cosmetic dentist, and not by your family dentist.

Some of the most popular restorative dentistry procedures include:

Bridgework and Dental Crowns

Dental bridges are custom made placements for missing teeth. They are typically anchored to the healthy neighboring teeth. With dental bridges and dental crowns it is possible to replace multiple missing teeth.

Today, cosmetic dentists offer restorative bridgework and crowns which are extremely natural looking. Many times you cannot even tell the difference between a high quality dental implant and the same quality dental crown. Porcelain crowns are the most expensive, but also the highest quality crowns available.

Conservative – restorative aesthetic dental fillings

A few decades ago, the dental fillings have been made using amalgam and other such harmful materials. Besides, they used to be unaesthetic too. Even if fillings are mostly common for the back teeth, modern restorative dentistry allows for the reconstruction of the tooth through fillings, in the most perfect manner.

The materials used for aesthetic fillings are generally composites, which have got the structure similar to an extremely high quality and hard plastic material. This composite is going to bond with the tooth to restore the tooth both aesthetically and functionally.

Cosmetic Dentures Restorative Dentistry Procedure

Patients who do not have teeth generally require dentures. There are both partial and full dentures available, and for a perfect result they need to be designed and fitted by a reputable cosmetic dentist. Patients who miss several teeth, or even an entire arc of teeth will put up with the “sagging face” appearance. With dentures this cosmetic issue can be corrected successfully.

Micro Dentistry & Air Abrasion Restorative Dentistry Technique

Nowadays it is possible to eliminate tiny cavities from the tooth without any drilling, injections or anesthesia. The technique is called air abrasion and the dentist will use a special tool with aluminum oxide powder and air pressure to blast away these cavities.

Air abrasion is a minimally invasive, conservative dental technique where there are not needed any other tools than the air abrasion special equipment. With air abrasion, the healthy tooth enamel will not be removed as it happens when the dentist needs to use the dental drill.

This technique also belongs to the concept of micro dentistry. After successful air abrasion, the dentist will place a white filling, again without needing to use any needles, injections or drills.

Restorative dentistry encompasses a varied spectrum of preventative dentistry techniques. The major dental work treatments in restorative dentistry include the dental crowns and bridges, while the micro dentistry techniques used are white cavity fillings, air abrasion techniques to treat small cavities and other such minor preventative work which is minimally invasive.

Find yourself a skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist and get your teeth done with minimum pain and recovery time through the latest reconstructive dental techniques.