How to Get Relief from Your Tooth Pain?

He needed to think of the best, most efficient way of pulling out the tooth that killed him. He thought of using a coconut but couldn’t at first figure out how that would work, so he grabbed an old ice skate that came floating in from the sea near where his plane had crashed.

Hanks shoved the hard skate section directly against his severely aching tooth, and then he whacked the top of it with a coconut. Yes, the tooth indeed popped out, but the pain was so unbearable that he was knocked unconscious. This method of pulling out your own teeth may or may not be the best, but it did work for Hanks.

You may have a painful tooth caused by a cavity, an infection or a root canal procedure that’s needed. If you can’t get to the dentist for whatever reason (not enough time, too busy) or you don’t have the money or any dental insurance, then there’s not many alternatives other than having to pull out your own teeth.

One proven method is to liberally douse the affected tooth and gum area with some strong drinking alcohol, say vodka, and place a rag inside the grip of a pair of pliers. Gently at first start pulling and twisting on the tooth.

The closer you get to yanking it out the harder you’ll have to pull, but this technique can definitely work. You’re going to feel some discomfort no matter how you utilize this method but when it’s over at least you can say you won’t have such agonizing tooth pain.

Another technique is to gargle with a mixture of Listerine, baking soda and table salt. This will cleanse and disinfect the tooth first before you attempt to pull it out. You should then swallow two or three Ibuprofen or Motrin to prepare for the short period of pain.

Then tightly tie a strong string around your affected tooth and have a friend hold the other end. When you’re both ready; tell your friend to give a nice and hard tug at the end of the string. You might need more than one yank with this method, but it also has been proven to work.

You can also try lightly tapping on your painful tooth with a small hammer. Don’t forget to first go through the same cleansing, disinfecting and analgesic ritual as with the string-pulling technique.

Make soft blows with the hammer to loosen the tooth. Then grasp the now loosened tooth with some cotton gauze soaked in saline solution. As you wiggle it more, you should be able to pull out the damaged and/or diseased tooth that’s causing you pain.

Unless your tooth is really bothering you, there’s no reason to want to pull it unless it’s for cosmetic purposes which comes under cosmetic surgery. But try not to be that vain. You should only try pulling out a tooth when really necessary, when you feel it’s infected and you can’t stand the pain anymore.

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  • Lester

    If the tooth has curved roots you’ll need a screw driver, phillips or flat doesn’t matter, and then start unscrewing your roots from the bone. Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey. American roots fight hard against metric tools.