Recovering After the Dental Implants Procedure

However, there are certain important aftercare tips that you should keep in mind in order to go through the healing period much faster and without pain and discomfort.

You need plenty of rest
Remember that you have gone through a surgical intervention and your entire body needs enough rest to recover and heal nicely. Going back to work and taking care of the regular tasks the second day after the dental implants procedure is not the smartest option. Make sure you will arrange a few days of rest at home after getting the dental implants. You cannot perform physical effort under any circumstances and you also need plenty of sleep.

Medication for pain relief and swelling
Manage pain and swelling by taking pain relief medication. Your cosmetic dental surgeon or dentist will surely prescribe some medications, so you need to take these as per the indications. Even if you feel that the pain can be managed, you should still take the medication because by the evening this pain could get worse, or swelling can easily intensify.

Rinse your mouth with lukewarm salty water
Salt is known for its benefic healing effect, and if you want to speed up recovery you should rinse your mouth regularly with salt water. Rinse about 2 to three times per day with the lukewarm salt water mix, and this will help greatly in reducing the swelling and the pain. In one cup of warm water, add one teaspoon of salt and stir well.

Brushing your teeth very gently
Even though you just got your dental implants, respecting the daily dental care regimen is extremely important. Now is the time when infections and food particles need to be kept away, so you need to brush your teeth with an extremely soft bristled brush.

Apply circular gentle motions, and be careful with the sensitive area where you have got the stitches. After you brush, remember to rinse with the salt water rinse. This way, all the bacteria are nicely removed and the healing process happens much faster and more efficient.

A good idea would be to use a special toothpaste which contains only natural extracts, and no chemicals or abrasive, harsh ingredients.

What can you eat?
It is highly advisable that you will switch to a soft food diet after getting your implants. This way, you will not apply pressure on your gums and teeth, and your digestion will still work very well. Yogurts, fresh vegetables and fruit juices, puddings, purees, are all foods that can be consumed with confidence after the dental implant surgery. If you will also try to eat plenty of healthy foods, you will heal much faster too.

It is extremely important to take a lot of care during the healing process. Give your system the time to heal, and give your body the healthy nutrients it needs to accelerate healing. Your mouth needs to be kept as clean as possible, this is why brushing and rinsing is recommended three times per day.

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