A Quick Look At Root Canal Treatment

While not everyone will have to get one during their life, some people will need to see a dentist to get their root canal operation. To understand the root canal, it is best to look at why the procedure is being done and what the root canal actually is.

Inside of the tooth there are actually canals that run through it. The purpose of these canals is to bring nutrients through the tooth. All of the smaller canals will eventually run into the center of the tooth where the main root canal is found.

In some instances, debris can be lodged or trapped in this area and it must be cleaned out. Thus, the need for a root canal operation as if the debris is left in the canal it can become infected and cause more problems in the future. It will become painful to the individual as the inside of the tooth becomes inflamed.

To fix the problem, the dentist will have to drill into the tooth and locate the chamber where the debris is stuck. From there, he or she will need to remove the nerves from the root canal and then fill them back in to seal the opening. Afterwards, the dentist will likely fit the tooth with a crown.

While many patients will report that this is one of the most painful procedures they will encounter, modern medicine has made it much better for the patient. Many dentists will report that the root canal is no different than other procedures in terms of pain that is felt by the patients.

Still, it depends on how inflamed or how infected the tooth is prior to the root canal operation being performed. If it is worse than originally though, the dentist may not given enough pain killer to the area, causing pain to the patients during the procedure.

Unfortunately for those that have to get it done, there are not many other options that exist. You can either put up with the pain or get the tooth removed completely. If you opt to simply get the tooth removed, you can have it replaced through a bridge or an implant; however there is something good to be said about keeping all of your teeth.

No matter what option you end up doing, make sure you talk with your Astoria dentist. Regular check-ups are a great way to prevent the need of a root canal treatment, however if you begin experiencing pain you should contact the dentist right away. The longer you wait and deal with the pain, the worse it might become. If you need the operation anyway, you might as well get it before the pain gets too bad.