The Pros and Cons of Installing Ceramic and Metal Braces

• What is the extent of the treatment that will be required?
• What is the severity of the crookedness of your teeth?
• Will you require an extraction?
• Will you require a jaw surgery?
• Will you require any special appliances such as headgear for your treatment?
• How long will you require your braces?
• What is your budget?
• Do you have any aesthetic requirements?

Among the different types of braces, the ceramic and metal ones are most commonly used.

Installing Ceramic Braces: Pros
• These braces tend to blend with most teeth. These will not be very clearly visible especially from a distance or in pictures.
• Many patients find them to be much more comfortable to have on since they irritate the gums less.
• Contrary to common belief, ceramic brackets do not come off your teeth or break. These brackets are extremely strong and are bound with your teeth with the help of plasma light.

Installing Ceramic Braces: Cons
• The white or clear elastic ties that hold the brackets and the arch wire together tend to get stained if you do not watch what you eat or drink. This works against the aesthetic appeal of ceramic braces. On the plus side, you can get these replaced when you visit your orthodontist for your monthly adjustment.
• Ceramic brackets usually cost more than metal ones.
• The duration of your treatment is usually a few months longer if you get ceramic braces installed.
• Even though these brackets blend with your teeth, they are slightly larger than the metal ones.

Installing Metal Braces: Pros
• Metal brackets are the least expensive types of braces one can install.
• The duration of the treatment is the shortest when you get metal braces installed.
• With a choice of colors for your elastic ties or ligatures, it is easy to hide coffee and curry stains with darker ones.
• You can even install self-ligating metal brackets that come without elastic ties. This eliminates the problem of staining.
• Metal brackets are the strongest type of braces the market has to offer.

Installing Metal Braces: Cons
• Metal brackets are more visible as compared to ceramic ones.
• They are slightly uncomfortable in the beginning, but most people tend to get used to them after a few weeks.
• If you get a canker sore or any other oral injury or infection, metal brackets irritate more than ceramic ones.

If you are getting braces installed for yourself, make it a point to speak to your orthodontist and take into consideration factors beyond just the aesthetics. The more practical you are about your decision, the more effective your treatment will be.