Prevent Grinding Teeth While Sleeping

You may even do not know that you are grinding teeth at night. Being out of conscience it is not possible to manage your behavior and habits. There have been found biological and psychological causes of teeth grinding while sleeping, and the same two categories of solutions for preventing it. They are described as follows.

Everything happens unconsciously. While sleeping only automatic reactions of our body take place, some of them are closely connected with chewing muscles. Only your relatives or anybody who can hear you grinding teeth in sleep will notice this and will be the one to inform you.

Causes and Prevention of Teeth Grinding

However, there are many other ways to find out that you are grinding teeth while sleeping. You may notice that your teeth look worn down or flat, you may have sore jaw in the morning or headaches during the day. Dental gums problems will appear, too.

Grind teeth can not be restored, unfortunately. The only way to prevent grind teeth is to prevent grinding them at night. But before this it’s necessary to know the teeth grinding sleep causes.

One of them is the bad occlusion. In this case teeth just keep touching and erasing each other into tooth-dust. Problems connected with your wisdom teeth are also from this category. The first thing to be done, in this case, is to visit your dentist. He is the one to know exactly how to treat malocclusion.

Other causes of grinding teeth in sleep are connected with different substances deficiency. One of them is pantothenic acid, also known as the anti-stress vitamin. Lack of calcium in our organism can lead to muscle involuntary movements.

Deficiency of magnesium causes muscle spasms, too. To prevent teeth grinding in these cases it’s necessary to take some calcium or magnesium tablets before going to bed. Researches have shown that it helps.

Another solution can be considered: the night guard for teeth grinding. It can be easily found in sporting goods stores, called athletic night mouth guard, or made by a specialist. The second one, know as custom-fitted night guard teeth grinding, is much more expensive and efficient in the same time.

Stress, as a part of mental problems, is one of the most commonly met causes of grinding teeth while sleeping. Children have it when dreaming nightmares. Being scared they produce involuntary movements, including mouth movements.

Adults do the same when having stressful days or working too much. Body can’t relax and continues to work, move, react, even while sleeping. Teeth grinding in sleep is caused by unconscious impulses that become free the right moment when conscious becomes asleep.

To prevent teeth grinding by using psychological therapies is much more correct then just keeping a teeth grinding night guard close to you. It will treat your problem roots, not only the result of it.

Managing the stress is a perfect solution. A good councilor knows how to cooperate with you in achieving this goal. He will deeply analyze your current life situation, will find the negative, cognitive patterns and will modify them in the right way. Psychological help not only prevents teeth grinding, it changes your life into a better one. Teeth grinding in sleep disappearance will be just a result of it.

Your psychologist or councilor may recommend you taking a warm bath before going to bed. It is also a good way to relax. Consuming less alcohol is necessary, too. Hypnosis occupies more and more branches of our everyday life. If you have access to a good hypnotist, try to take this advantage, too.

Grinding teeth while sleeping may become not a problem for you. Since you know what it’s caused by and how it’s prevented, you won’t be surprised when hearing your room mate grinding teeth. More than that, you’ll be able to give him a good piece of advice next morning on future actions, too.