Prevent and Stop Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is considered one of the most widely met dental disease and persons spend a lot of their income on its treatment. A good way to economize money and time is to prevent tooth decay as soon as possible. There are many functional ways to do this, most of them connected with personal hygiene and nutrition style. Considering these two you can stop tooth decay problems or even forget about them.

The main cause of dental cavities is the small pieces of food that people usually leave on or between their teeth. These rests are transformed into acids that damage the tooth enamel, making teeth vulnerable to bacteria. That’s why one of the main ways to stop tooth decay is not to leave food on the teeth after you had your meal.

You can do this by brushing. This well known activity helps a lot in preventing tooth decay. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth minimum twice a day, after meals. It is preferable to choose a soft and rounded bristle toothbrush, in case you are cleaning your mouth more often.

Fluoride-containing toothpaste will be also the best choice. It helps to make your teeth stronger and to protect them from future caries treatments. Fluoride chewing gums can be considered as a part of everyday dental hygiene, too. They increase the saliva elimination that allows your mouth to be cleaned in a natural way.

Your tongue contains a huge number of bacteria. They live there and badly affect your teeth even if you brush them. So consider cleaning your tongue as an effective way to stop tooth decay, too. You can find special tongue cleaners in the nearby shop, but never use your toothbrush for this purpose.

Flossing will help you a lot to prevent tooth decay, too. If you have small space between your teeth then flossing is really for you. Stuck pieces of food damage your teeth in the most difficult to reach tooth areas. It is highly recommended to get rid of these rests and to stop between teeth decay from evaluating.

You can ask your dentist about dental sealant usage. This small, plastic protective coating is able to protect your back teeth, the molars, from tooth decay. They are usually applied to the chewing surface of the tooth and represent a good protection for the most difficult to clean and take care teeth.

As a final point in your dental care you may consider fluoridate water. It has a positive influence on your tooth enamel, making it stronger and more resistant to acids. In the same time, it’s much better then consuming high fluoridate foods. Fluoride, as it is known, is a dangerous substance, which should be avoided in big quantities.

As for foods, you should know that it’s the best to eat nutritious and balanced meals, and to limit snacks and sticky foods, in the same time. Besides, it’s healthier even for your whole body. Natural fruits and vegetables, cheese, broccoli will provide your teeth with all the necessary for protection vitamins.

On the other hand, sugar, milk, bread, sticky foods, fruit juices will provide you with high quality tooth decay. Their effects are growing bigger especially when they are left on your teeth for long periods of time, before sleep, without brushing your teeth after.

A good way to prevent tooth decay is to practice professional cleanings and to consult your dentist more often. You may notice that your teeth are more vulnerable for this kind of problem. Take it serious and pay more visits to your dentist in order to avoid future, long treatment periods of time.

Tooth decay, as any other health problem, is more a result of our irresponsibility towards our health and disease preventing. The best way to become rich is to economize; the best way to be healthy is to prevent the disease. Stop your tooth decay and many other things in your life will suddenly become better.