The Perfect Smile with 6 Month Dental Braces

If you struggle with misaligned, crooked or crowed teeth you need to wear dental braces in order to straighten up your smile. Now, you might have been putting off this type of treatment, because traditional braces or aligners must be worn in many cases even up to 2 years or more. However, now it is possible to straighten teeth in as little as 6 moths with an orthodontic system called the 6 months braces.

Orthodontists use the 6 months dental braces to treat a great variety of dental problems such as:

-dental problems where the front teeth are protruded outwards (a condition known as “overjet”)

-teeth with many gaps in between

-teeth which are crowded

-underbite, crossbite and openbite problems (when the patient tries to bite the teeth do not meet properly)

The 6 month dental braces are extremely discreet, and the wires have the natural color of the teeth. The main benefit of this type of treatment is that the time needed to straighten the teeth is reduced considerably (approx. by up to 75%). There is no pain or discomfort associated with wearing this type of orthodontics, because the force applied upon the teeth is gentle and constant. Compared to the Invisalign or the traditional braces, the 6 months braces cost about half less. Certainly the cost varies depending on the exact type of braces you need, and it ranges between £1,500 and maximum £3,000.

The 6 moth dental braces are offered by dentists or orthodontists who have received special training in providing this type of treatment to their patients. The 6 moth dental braces are not suitable to everybody, this is why a preliminary dental checkup is needed. Your dentist will be able to tell you if this treatment is indeed suitable and efficient in your case. The 6 months braces are made up of white brackets which are quite small, and the special set of wires. The product is genuinely made in labs within the US.

Just as with any other types of dental braces, these too will need adjustments every 3 to 5 weeks, depending. You will need to visit your dentist approximately once per month for these adjustments. Your appointments will not last for more than 10 to 20 minutes each time.

The wires of the 6 months braces are made of a special combination of nickel titanium, and they will help moving your teeth slowly into their natural position. This type of treatment is better known in the US, and less popular in the UK. The 6 month braces are not that visible like traditional braces, but more visible than the Invisaligns or other clear braces. Make sure to talk to your dentist about the possibility of getting your teeth straightened within a much shorter time, and on a much more affordable budget!