Painless Dentistry: Teeth Treatment Without Pain

You may have some bad dental experience in your childhood or youth, you may be going to have a serious dental intrusion, or you are just afraid of dentists. In any case, painless dentistry is the only one solution that guarantees you a peaceful and successful treatment. There are many ways to take advantages of the dentistry without pain, beginning with injections and ending with hypnosis.

Speaking about pain, we should realize that its roots come from physical or psychological spheres, but usually from both in the same time. That’s why painless dentistry focuses on reducing pain with the medicine help and with the help of words’ power, that is relaxing techniques by speaking and thinking about right things and in the right way.

When referring to medical ways of achieving pain free dentistry treatment it’s meant painless injections, sedation dentistry, or sleep dentistry. Injections, as well as nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas”, are usually free and present in every dental cabinet. However, they are not powerful enough during some complicated procedures.

Sedation usually includes the oral sedation method. The painless dentist will give you a tablet to be taken one hour before the dental treatment, and at the moment you arrive at him. The painkilling effect is much stronger and it’s enough in most cases.

Sleep dentistry is much more complicated and is absolutely painless. You sleep during the whole treatment process and are not able to remember then anything from it. Painless dentist should be a real professional because some ways of sleep dentistry, like intravenous sedation, require a high level of abilities in doing this, plus many years of experience and knowledge how to act in emergency situations.

When referring to psychological ways in dentistry without pain you should know that pain depends a lot on how you look at it. Human’s body is able to control most of his functions, including the pain perception. It’s all about what you believe in.

There are people who understand pain as a piece of information that body sends to its brain. It makes them feel any pain without having their inner state modified. Such persons really do not need the help of painless dentist.

Of course it doesn’t mean you should read books on how to become such a person. It’s enough for you just to listen to the painless dentist recommendations before the treatment procedure. He or she knows how to make you relax and think about some past, pleasant memories, or about some future, already achieved plans.

Another possible option while looking for dentistry without pain is choosing a laser teeth treatment. This modern technology allows very precise and small operations, so small that you even won’t feel them. The main idea is in treating only the affected area, not touching the healthy ones. It reduces pain to maximum and increases the success chances.

However, all these painless dentistry methods are usually combined. Dentists know that only this way they can achieve the best results in offering high quality help and absolutely painless treatment.

Considering that everything is done for the patient’s best, it’s natural that dentistry without pain has appeared. It develops day by day, offering new advantages and possibilities to choose by you the way of reducing pain. And who knows, may be in the nearest future any dental procedure won’t be possible without it.