Modern Dentistry for Patients with Dental Phobia

The key to successfully coping with dental phobia nowadays, is to choose a modern dental office equipped with all the latest standard equipment and an ultra welcoming environment.

Plenty of dentists regard dental phobia with utmost seriousness and they know that if their practice offers all the comfort to the patient, the clientele circle will become larger and larger.

For instance, there are multimedia 3D glasses available which are able to distract the patient during major dental treatments such as dental implants, dental surgery, extractions, or TMJ treatment.

The patient watches comfortably a movie, listening to the comforting virtual surround sounds, and then he is able to relax more.

Then, the entire dental office is designed to be welcoming, not even resembling a medical setting.

The walls are painted in warm colors, the furniture is interesting and not the traditional matte finish white, and the tools are hidden from sight as much as possible.

Some dentists even welcome patients in a waiting room with soft music, plasma TVs showing videoclips and a dim, comfortable lighting and even relaxing miniature waterfalls. This way, the 20 minutes spent there waiting for your turn will take away from the anxiety.

Regarding the dental devices used, a modern dental office can offer these as well. For instance, the need of the traditional needle for anesthetic is eliminated completely.

There are many modern injectors that do not use the needle but only a pressure injector to help the anesthetic pass through the gums.

In order to keep patients comfortable even during a deep dental cleaning, the dentist will use a refreshing, slightly numbing dental gel. For relaxation, the dentist will use nitrous oxide gas (or “laughing gas”), and for complex procedures this gas will work wonders.

To ease the pain and the discomfort, dentists use intravenous conscious sedation, and that dental implant procedure is a child’s pay.

Whatever you do, you should never postpone your dental treatments. Try to find a solution, and if you think the above mentioned features would help you reduce your dental phobia, then research for the best modern dental practice in your area.

Prices will be a bit higher than at a regular dentist, but the difference is like between a hostel and a 5 star hotel. It is definitely worth the financial effort!

  • Brandon McBride

    Dentophobia is more common than we think. Several of the things you’ve listed can help ease that fear enough to allow the patient to have dental work done.

  • Shawn Williams

    Wow, that is indeed some serious business in trying to assist patients with dental phobia. Looks like the effort put in to accomplish that, is massive and I am pretty sure the price difference as compared to a normal dental clinic is quite far-fetched for an average patient to afford. However, dental phobia cannot be avoided and a patient who needs to visit the dentist for regular visits or most importantly, a surgery, cannot keep postponing his appointment. Thus, he should sacrifice a little bit of his finances to tackle his phobia problem.

  • David C. Hewitt

    Thanks for sharing such helpful article!!!!!!!

  • Alison Wilding

    Very informative article. I believe the key going forward is to introduce children into the routine of dental treatment as early as possible and make sure they visit regularly.
    I’m a GP with an interest in oral health, and good, healthy teeth and gums are vitally important to a person’s overall wellbeing.
    Excellent site