Low Cost and Affordable Dental Implants

Anyone that finds themselves in need of one or more dental implants will soon find that getting implants can prove costly. A single implant can range in price from $500.00 to more than $3000.00, and if you require more than one implant, you could wind up spending enough money to buy a new car or a small house just to pay for your implants.

Since dental implants are a cosmetic or elective procedure, many dental plans and insurance plans do not cover the costs of having implants put in; this can mean huge out of pocket expenses for a person desiring implants. Expenses increase further if an individual requires gum work and preparation of the mouth before the implant can be performed.

Thankfully, there are some low cost dental implants and affordable dental implants payment methods available for individuals seeking the benefits of implants.

New dental implants give people with missing teeth the freedom and confidence to eat and speak with little concern for a floating prosthetic, bridge, or denture. New dental implants look and act just like real teeth, and they help an individual preserve the condition of the jaw bone after tooth loss. With new dental implants a person looks like they never lost one or more teeth in the first place.

Affordable dental implants are available for individuals savvy enough to shop around. Since dental implants can vary widely in terms of price, not only from one country to the next, but from one state to the next, you will want to call around or shop around on the Internet to see what dentists charge for a single or several implants.

When speaking with dentists, you can then find out what is involved in getting implants, you can get a quote, and you can compare quotes from other dentists to avail yourself of the lowest price.

Affordable dental implants are also available to individuals that are willing to finance pricey implant procedures. When you speak with dentists, you should question if they have financing options available.

While the principle cost of your implants may be high, you can often finance the implants. If you are credit qualified, and you can pay a low monthly fee for the cosmetic implants: this way, your implants will be more comfortable for you and your budget.

Low Cost Dental Implants Abroad – Dental Tourism

Low cost dental implants might be obtainable if one is willing to travel abroad to get the implants put in too. If you have the means to travel out of the country, there are countries that have qualified dental clinics that supply you with the option of paying low prices for cosmetic dental procedures like dental implants.

Many people each year save up enough money to travel abroad because the cost of travel and the cost of dental procedures in foreign countries are still lower than the cost of what one might pay for dental procedures in the United States.

Low Cost Dental Implants at Dental Schools

Contact local dental colleges to see if they offer implant services and what the charges will be. Students, under the guidance of dental professionals, can sometimes offer you dental implants as they gain the experience that they require to become a professional dentist.

Meanwhile, there are some existing dental societies that you might be able to turn to if you are lacking the funding for necessary dental procedures; you can find out what societies help low income people by offering partial funding for cosmetic procedures by paying a visit to the official website of the American Dental Association or browsing Free Dental Care reports page.

You still have inexpensive alternatives to full dental implants which can prove more affordable for you. For example, mini dental implants are often cheaper than a full dental implant.

This type of implant allows a dentist to put several metal implants in your jaw bone which will later help you to snap in a bridge or denture. This type of implant is cheaper than implanting several teeth, and it eliminates issues with floating dentures or partials.

  • http://www.smileplanners.com Matt Kelleher

    Dental tourism will remain an option for affordable dental implants and implant-supported dentures since as you mention dental plans, insurance and even the new health care bill will not pay anything toward the procedure.

  • Chelsea Brassea

    My name is Chelsea Brassea and I’m writing to you about my wonderful husband, John Brassea. John was 21 years old when diagnosed with Gastroparesis and was diagnosed at age 7 with Type 1 Diabetes. He had done pretty well up until the 2007. Starting in early 2007 John started becoming violently ill. Vomiting daily with nausea all the time. We went to several Doctors and no one could tell us what it was. Along with this vomiting came chronic pain on his right flank. After several MRI’s, CAT Scans and every other test that you could think of, still no answers. He has had so many scans that now he can’t have anymore for awhile because of the radiation exposure. In December of 2007, I married John with no hesitation, didn’t matter how sick he was because I love him with all my heart and he is my best friend. So began our marriage and the battle to get answers as to why he was so sick. For 3 years he had been to the emergency room hundreds of times to get his vomiting to stop and to deal with his pain. Still no answers. He has also had so many stays at the hospital over the 3 years that he is there more than he is at home. Home of which was with his parents. We lived with John’s parents for 4 years in the begining because neither of us had any income & John was unable to work. Finally, in July of 2009, while John was in the hospital yet again, the attending Doctor who was taking care of him said, I know what John has and called it Gastroparesis. He ordered all the necessary test to prove this conclusion and they were all positive. So now we have a diagnosis but not a very good one. Gastroparesis is a stomach disorder in which food moves through the stomach more slowly than normal. With gastroparesis the stomach muscles work poorly (or not at all) as in John’s case, thus preventing the stomach from emptying properly. The impact of this disorder is devastating. It causes chronic nausea and vomiting and can lead to malnutrition and inadequate blood sugar levels. It also affects the emotional well being of the whole family. John cannot work and therefore is very depressed as he can’t provide for his family. In January of 2010 he had a proceedure to put a Gastro Electronic Stimulator in his stomach (much the same as a Pace Maker for the heart). This has helped some but will never completely take away his problems. There are days when he can’t even get out of bed because he is so sick. They also predict that by late 30’s or early 40’s he will start to have problems with his kidneys and have to have dialysis and eventually transplants. From the 3 or 4 years of non stop vomiting, before he got his diagnosis. His teeth are all but gone. He has to get all of his teeth removed on July 2, 2013 because he needs the battery changed in his G.E.S but they won’t do it because of all the infection and abscess. Being only 24 years old, and sick for the most part of his adult life, he gets very depressed. He is scared to not have teeth by age 25 & he feels it is HIS responsibility to take care of his family.. and he can’t. We are living off of his SSI at the moment, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last year and have been looking for a sit down job, while also taking care of John, Kash (our son) and the house we currently live in. So once he does get his teeth taken out, it will be quite a while for us to save up the money to get some kind of implants or dentures. That is why I’m writing you guys. We watch your show every weekday, and love it. I don’t know if you’ll be able to help me or not, but it was worth a try. I need help, we’re low income & I just want my husband to be happy again. He’ll have Gastroparesis and Diabetes the rest of his life, we’ll deal with that and all the surgeries that come with them. Its just, his teeth.. I want it to be one less worry on his mind. I’m glad he’s getting it done because that means he’ll be around a little longer & he’ll be able to have the battery changed in his G.E.S which is a life saving procedure, but I hate it because he is so scared. Is there anyway you guys can help us get John looking and feeling better? His self esteem is so bad, and it makes his mom and I feel horrible. John and I have a 4, almost 5 year old son & he knows his daddy is very sick, but I want him to know his daddy is also a happy, sweet, awesome & confident person. John does what he can with Kash. Like I said he has his bad days and his good days, but he’s an awesome person and never complains about his life, he knows he is sick, but that doesn’t stop him. If you can will you please help me? It would be so greatly appreciated. Anyways, thank you so much for reading my letter.

    Chelsea R. Brassea