Invisalign: The most Comfortable and Discreet Dental Braces

Generally, dental braces are associated with wires, metals, cold, uncomfortable and visible. However, the innovative Invisalign dental braces are exactly the opposite: they are made of transparent material, they are ultra comfortable and they are not visible.

In order to straighten your teeth perfectly with metal dental braces, you need to wear them anything between 9 months and even up to 2.5 years. When you wear the traditional dental braces made of wires and metal, you are also not allowed to eat chewy and sticky foods, because these can damage your braces, and as you chew, your dental braces can injure easily the soft tissue within your mouth.

Then, with metal braces you need to go for periodical adjustments, and these checkups might cause some discomfort too. Traditional dental braces do not allow you to perform proper dental hygiene such as brushing or flossing. While you perform these procedures, you need to take out the braces.

The greatest majority of patients are quite reluctant when it comes to wearing dental braces mainly because of the discomfort and many negative experiences associated with them. But there is the perfect solution available now- the Invisalign dental braces.

The Invisalign dental braces help you straighten your teeth nicely, without the discomfort associated with traditional wire braces. The Invisaligns will put only a slighter pressure to straighten your teeth, and they are not as “aggressive” as the traditional metal dental braces. The Invisaligns are made of plastic, clear aligners so nobody will actually notice that you are even wearing dental braces.

The Invisalign dental braces are offered at cosmetic dentistry offices or at general dentists who are qualified in offering this type of braces. Aligners need to be changed at every two or three weeks, but this highly depends on how your teeth are responding to the treatment and on the general condition of your teeth.

Invisalign dental braces are created using computer imaging to make an impression of your teeth. The cosmetic dentist will actually combine the traditional bite impression procedure with digital imaging procedures to make sure he will create dental braces that fit perfectly the anatomy of your teeth and mouth. The Invisalign dental braces are much more comfortable to wear than the wire braces.

Depending on how your teeth need to be straightened, the aligners will be fabricated accordingly. From now on, you will never have to feel embarrassed when you have to smile in public or feel ashamed when you need to speak to other people.

The Invisalign dental braces represent the most discreet option when it comes to wearing dental braces. One single drawback of the Invisaligns is that they do not represent an efficient treatment for people with badly crooked and misaligned teeth.

This is so because the Invisalign dental braces are not able to apply that aggressive force and pressure constantly needed to straighten very badly crooked teeth.

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