How to Stop a Toothache. Dental Pain Relief

The toothache isn’t easy to endure. The good news: With improved dental care and regular checkups, the excruciating pain of a toothache is not as common as it once was.

But when pain does occur in the mouth, it’s an important signal that you should not ignore – even if it goes away on its own.

You should consider yourself very lucky if you have not gone through the anguish and agony of toothache.

But you never know it can really hurt you in near future. So you should always have some knowledge regarding some home remedies for Toothache Pain Relief.

Be prepared to prevent that immediate, unbearable pain. Although, visit to dentist is always on the cards there, these time proven home remedies offer amazing instant relief from the agony of tooth ache.

Endodontists Offer Tips for Relieving Dental Pain

  • Don’t ignore minor or transient pain. It may be a sign of a problem that can be treated before a serious toothache develops. Sharp pain on biting may be a symptom of a cracked or loose filling, a crack in a tooth or decay.
  • Toothaches seem to hurt more at night because the blood goes to your head when you lie down. Elevating your head may help ease the pain.
  • If you’re afraid of dental work, talk to your dentist about your fears. This can help ease anxiety, and studies show that relaxed patients feel less pain.
  • If you feel pain during treatment, tell the dentist. In most cases, something can be done to alleviate any discomfort.
  • Take care of your teeth. Brush, floss and get regular check-ups. It’s the best way to avoid dental pain and to keep your teeth for a lifetime.

Nonconventional Advice about How to Stop Toothache

  • Cow Parsnip Seed Tincture – 5 drops or so of this tincture can be very helpful for relieving the pain of some toothaches, if the problem is near surface.
  • Wisdom tooth pain relief comes most effectively from a narcotic such as codiene, hydrocodone, or oxycodone. Most manufacturers combine the use of over-the-counter analgesics with narcotics to achieve more effective pain relief.
  • Ice offers excellent numbing properties. Hold the ice around affected area and try to compress it there. Most often, the pain gets reduced as it is excellent in suppressing pain at nerve endings.
  • Get cucumber from any vegetable stores, cut it into thicker slices. Hold these pieces on and around the tooth that is paining and it will start working to give soothing effect. If cucumber is refrigerated, it is better as its very chillness acts as catalyst to its soothing effect.
  • Place a small stack of dried peppermint leaves around the aching tooth for 15 minutes and then spit out. Repeat this procedure10 to 15 times a day. Peppermint acts in a dual way. First, it brings the abscess to the upper surface if there any and then acts as pain killer.
  • Among the most effective home remedies for toothache is garlic. A clove of garlic with a little rock salt should be placed on the affected tooth. It will relieve the pain and, sometimes, may even cure it. A clove should also be chewed daily in the morning. It will make the cure teeth making it strong and healthy.

Most probably, toothaches start at night when there is little you can try than to swallow the pills of pain killer and wait till medical aid in agony. So, just don’t panic. Search your kitchen shelves and you will find numerous ways to get the relief from pain.

  • craig

    Good article!!! This information will be very helpful for people…

  • David Staub

    This is very good, but you should also mention cloves and clove oil. That is one of the more established home remedies for relieving tooth pain.

  • Ramona

    The garlic and salt remedy…very good,I feel better already.Thanks


    You welcome!

  • Tooth with deep Decay

    I have no remedys in my house apart from ice, it works sort of thanks!

  • me

    Make a cup of green tea or regular black tea
    ***Important: let the tea cool down to room temperature before using
    Use like a mouthwash..swoosh around in your mouth and spit out. Keep doing this until you finish the whole cup.

    This may be done several times a day. It reduces swelling and painful irritation of gums and teeth. Worked for me!

  • Jason Atkinson

    All of these are great ideas, but we don’t have any of these. It really depends on what is causing the pain, too, I guess. In my case, I had an large cavity, with a small entrance hole, with bacteria growing on the nerve (so the dentist told me).
    I’ve already had to have one tooth pulled, and another has been acting up. I’ve gone through 155 (200mg) Ibuprofen since Hallowe’en (6 days). I’m finding that I’ve really been able to cut down on that with a simple salt water rinse. Swish it around, make sure the mixture gets INTO the tooth.
    Anyway, I would really appreciate any other tips or advice that could help, as I really can’t afford to keep buying this much Ibuprofen.

  • justgotbraces

    How do you stop a toothache from braces. The braces made it so that if any my teeth touches anything it hurts extremely bad.It hurts at my gum, the teeth, and where the braces touch. Please show me how to stop it.

  • Rami


    I had a garlic spread that came with my shish kabab order the night before, I mixed it with a little lemon juice to absorb in a cotton and bit on it with my achy tooth. The pain was gone instantly.

    Thank you, I can go to sleep now :)

  • Eddie

    I’ve had terrible toothaches on and off.

    After reading this page I tryed the garlic clove approach.
    It has reduced the pain to a tollerable state.

    I imagine the more fresh the clove the more effective.


  • Clarence

    Toothache of any kind are no fun at all. There is nothing good about it at all, a crack wisdom tooth, crack tooth and so on. It is even more not fun for a person, who has anxiety disorder and is seeing a psychiatric social worker. This might help people who don’t have anxiety disorder at all much better. Don’t know about the people with it, how much help it will do for them.

  • brandy

    I tried vanilla extract and it worked but after doing it 3x the pain was no longer responding to it so I tried garlic and that worked even better but I still don’t know how long it will last, if I can actually get some sleep or not..

    Ambesol also works but wears off in 5 min and the tooth becomes desensative to it as well rather quickly say 15 min?

    What I wouldn’t give for some pain pills to knock me out!

  • wagner

    hate to say…but smoke mary jane,will let you not a smoker but acually helped me sleep.other than that been popping ibuprofen like crazy.just make sure u drink milk at least,to coat ur stomach.

  • Nyendwa joyce

    Thank u for the adivise l wil try them all.

  • Kris

    I have never had any major dental problems. Wisdom teeth extracted 30 yrs ago; front tooth capped due to jagged break off during childhood. In 2002, I stopped smoking cigarettes & later noticed what looks like my teeth under the gumline seemed to be pushing out. A recent health fair dental student/and her professor agreed that it was additional bone growth. At that time as from the beginning there has been no pain with this. That is not the case now. Our yearly rural medical health team will not be here till the 25th. Salt is being used for pain treatment at this time. Will any of the above remedies work till then and does this bone growth prognosis sound viable.

  • Sunil

    Its a wonderful webpage and the remedies are really very effective.

    Tried and Tested

  • Kevin Quinn

    I found something that works. Some one wrote that their grandmother said to take an aspirin and let it slowly melt next to the tooth; Allowing the medicine to come directly in contact with the infected tooth and gum, which kills the bacteria and helps to take the pain away. It works!

  • Lili

    I cut the garlic clove and put a slice next to my tooth. Its spicy, but it doesnt hurt.





  • Rob

    I tried everything to stop the pain but found that ibuprofen would last maybe 30 min. salt a little less and cloves only a few minutes. well, exhausted I tried smoking marijuana, It was instant relief, and long lasting, as well as producing a non-chemical feeling drowsiness. Ive since found that with 2 doses a day pain would be almost nonexistent and sleeping at night was easy. The pain vanished literally while I exhaled, it was great. Im amazed at the medicinal effect I received, and can guarantee it is healthier, safer, more natural and way more effective than Ibuprofen.

  • SEVERE TooooooooothPAIN!!!!

    I didn’t have any garlic, clove oil and Mary-J is illegal where I’m at and I don’t think I would be involved in that anyway. Perhaps large dosages of alcohol would help too.

    For my tooth pain it’s been three months and no less than 7 trips to diferent dentists for a solution.

    I did try some garlic salt mixed with salt and water. It gave me about a 2% improvement. Packing ICE on my jaw brought some relief. Ibuprofen and Asprin had no effect I stopped taking them after 800-1000 mg. In fear that I would cause other problems.

    I live on the 7th floor and the pain was so intense the thought of jumping came to mind.

    The asprin on the gum/cheek all night caused skin tissue damage but I generally feel it may have helped some, and my mouth will heal.

    I made another trip to the dentist this morning and got drilled for a root canal! NO MORE PAIN!

    That was the worst pain I have ever experienced, and I have been struck by cars as a pedestrian previously and broke my nose 3 times.

    As it turned out I had 1/2 of a molar absessed. So the dental test (hot, cold, electric, hammer tap)always came back inconclusive. I considered having them pulled out instead of going through that pain again.

    But now I’m in 100% pain free! It does get better, if you live on a high rise………. Don’t JUMP! If you live on the ground level don’t pull the TRIGGER!

    Try all that legal stuff and try alcohol too!