Hollywood Dental Glamour: Celebrities and Cosmetic Smile Makeover

So let’s see what types of cosmetic dentistry procedures have undergone some of the most well known celebrities.

George Clooney– the most wanted Hollywood bachelor
The actor has undergone quite a complex smile makeover procedure involving at least three different types of dental treatments such as porcelain veneers, dental crowns and lengthening of the crowns. Several celebrity dental specialists have said that most probably George Clooney struggles with a condition known as bruxism (grinding of the teeth).

Bruxism wears down tooth enamel, and it makes the teeth look unhealthy, non-symmetrical and dull. For George Clooney, the number one solution to cover up the worn teeth was represented by the dental veneers, but the actor also had a crowns lengthening procedure.

With crown lengthening, the gumline is reshaped to make the teeth appear longer. According to estimates, the smile makeover like the one performed on George Clooney costs between $30,000 and $40,000.

Katherine Heigl
“Knocked Up”, “Grey’s Anatomy” or “27 Dresses” wonderful blonde star had some problems with her teeth as well. She has admitted to using the Invisalign dental braces in order to straighten her two lateral incisor teeth which were slightly protruding outwards.

Since wearing metal dental braces was not an option for an actress, she has opted for the invisible dental braces called Invisaligns. These types of braces are perfect for slightly crooked or misaligned teeth, and no one will actually notice that braces are present.

It is important to note however, than Invisaligns are not for everybody- they are not suitable in the case of stubbornly crooked teeth, because the Invisalign cannot apply a huge force to realign the teeth such as the traditional metal braces do. The approximate cost of Katherine Heigl’s Invisalign procedure was $5,000.

Miley Cyrus– the Hannah Montana superstar
She was just a child when she first came into media attention, and her gummy smile might have looked cute a few years ago. However, she realized that in order to get a more delicate and feminine look, her smile needs a makeover.

According to dental experts, the main cosmetic dental procedures she went through include dental veneers and a special surgery in order to fix the “gummy smile” and expose more of the natural tooth. One dental veneer starts at about $2,500 an can go as high as $4,000 while gum contouring or reshaping costs up to $350 per single tooth. Making some quick calculations it’s easy to understand that Miley’s smile makeover wasn’t cheap…

The Queen of Pop- Madonna
Madonna’ trademark when it comes to her smile is definitely the gap between her two front teeth. If one starts comparing pictures of her in the 90s, and more recent pictures it can be easily noticed that the gap disappeared…for the moment at least.

Experts in the field say she fixed her dental gap with cosmetic bonding a few years ago, and then quite recently she has “undone” the procedure and the gap is back. Eventually, she might have realized that the dental gap is a tiny part of what makes her so unique and famous…