How To Get Relief From Toothache And Dental Pain

A toothache is not easy to bear and endure. Nowadays with improved dental care and regular checkups, the excruciating pain of a toothache can be reduced in the early stages. Even if the pain reduces by itself without any treatment, a proper diagnosis should be done to avoid any other complications.

You should consider yourself lucky if you have not faced the pain and agony caused by dental pain. But who knows toothache can hurt you or anyone in future if dental hygiene is not good. So it’s always better to keep knowledge about some home remedies for reducing Toothache and relief pain.

Always be prepared to prevent that immediate, unbearable dental pain. Although, making a visit to dentist is mandatory when it comes to dental pain, but these time-proven home remedies offer amazing instant relief from the agony of toothache.

Nonconventional Home Remedies to Stop Toothache

  • Cow Parsnip Seed also known as Indian celery is used for reducing toothache. Few drops of this tincture can be very helpful for relieving the toothaches, if the problem is superficial.
  • The pain from an erupting or infected wisdom tooth can be effectively reduced by taking narcotic such as codiene, hydrocodone, or oxycodone. Most manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies combine the use of any analgesics with narcotics to achieve more effective pain relief.
  • We can also use ice to relief dental pain as it causes numbness in the area of pain. Hold the ice around affected area and try to compress it on the area of pain. In most of the cases the pain gets reduced because it suppresses pain at nerve endings.
  • Cucumber helps in relieving toothache, cut thick slices of cucumber and refrigerates it before use. Hold these pieces on and around the toothache or area of pain, it gives a soothing effect on the area of pain as it acts like a catalyst.
  • Place a small stack of dried peppermint leaves around the aching tooth for 15 minutes and then spit out. Repeat this procedure for 10 to 15 times a day. Peppermint acts as a two ways, firstly it causes any abscess if present to drain and secondly it acts as a good pain killer.

Among the most popular and effective home remedies for toothache is taking a clove of garlic along with a little rock salt and this should be placed on the affected tooth. It will not only relieve the pain but sometimes may even cure dental pain. A garlic clove not only relieves dental pain but also makes them strong and healthy.

Conventional Tips for Relieving Dental Pain

  • Always be alert when it comes to minor or transient pain because it may be a sign of a problem that can be treated earlier. Sharp pain on biting may be a symptom of a cracked or fractured tooth and even cracked restoration.
  • A toothache increases more at night because the blood goes to the head when you lie down. Elevating your head may help ease the pain.
  • If you’re afraid of going to dentist and getting treated, that is if you have white coat fear then talk to your dentist about it. If the stress and anxiety is removed then you can be treated properly.
  • Take proper care of your teeth, by brushing, flossing and get regular check-ups done. It’s the best way to avoid dental pain and to keep your teeth for a lifetime.

Most of the times we feel toothache at night, so we can try these home remedies to relive pain temporally instead of swallow the pain killers.

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    i have a broken thooth that is hurting me so bad and i wanted to know if you always need to have a root canal done on broken teeth