General Costs for Cosmetic Dentistry Work

Cosmetic dentistry treatments are not cheap. The quality of the materials used, the time dedicated by dentists and dental lab experts to make perfect work all play major role in the high price for these treatments.

However, the end result will definitely satisfy you, especially if you are lucky enough to find an experienced and highly skilled cosmetic dental expert. You can get a Hollywood smile within a month, and it doesn’t matter how damaged currently your teeth are, a good cosmetic dentist can work wonders!

Porcelain veneers cost

These are thin sheets of porcelain placed over the top of your natural teeth. Veneers are used to cover up badly discolored teeth, slightly misshapen teeth or eroded teeth. You would need to pay anything between $900 and even up to $2,500 per dental veneer.

Of course the cost is greatly influenced by the materials used to create the veneer, the experience of the dentist, whether you choose a general dentist or a cosmetic dentistry expert, and plenty other factors.

All porcelain dental crowns cost

These represent the best investment in your dental health if you struggle with missing teeth. There are partial dental crowns and full dental crowns available, and they come on a more reasonable price than the ultra expensive dental implants.

The placement of the dental crowns does not even require that much “torture” as the placement of dental implants. Per dental crown, you might pay anything between $950 and up to $2,300.

White fillings for the molars cost

White fillings represent a much better option that the silver amalgam fillings. However, prices for white fillings are typically charged depending on the number of surfaces that you need restored with the filling. For one single surface, the cost ranges between $100 and can go as high as $250.

If there are two surfaces that need to be covered by the fillings, costs can even exceed $450. If there are three dental surfaces that need restoration with this type of cosmetic dentistry treatment, you might have to pay even more than $500.

Front teeth dental bonding cost

Dental bonding is when the dentist uses a tooth colored resin material in order to restore the tooth. It is used to cover up dental gaps, to repair cracked or chipped teeth, to close the available spaces in between the teeth, and it is used as a cosmetic dentistry procedure to help you look younger with a more beautiful and straight smile.

Costs for front the dental bonding vary greatly, depending on the area that needs to be covered. Expect to pay anything between $200 and up to $1,500 for the procedure. Dental bonding is considered quite a complex tooth restoration treatment, especially in the case when your teeth are badly damaged and the dentist needs to restore them perfectly with minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Invisible Dental braces cost

The most popular such braces are the Invisaligns, and for a complete set of braces you might have to pay anything between $4,500 and up to $8,000.

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