Is Free Dental Care Possible?

But how can they afford these enormous amounts if they can’t afford to pay $15 per month for regular dental insurance….

The good news is that many charitable organizations such as Dentistry from the Heart regularly hold free dental events across the country. These types of events are intended to help exclusively patients who:

-live well below the poverty level

-do not have dental insurance at all

-have not seen a dentist in several years

-there are special free dental care clinics which are held for children, for seniors, for veterans, pregnant women, musicians and other such categories of people who are more vulnerable in front the health system

Many would believe that the free dental care events offer nothing more than dental cleaning and oral health examinations. It is true, some private dentist organized free dental days will indeed offer only these treatments for free.

But, Dentistry from the Heart free dental care special days generally offer the needy plenty of dental treatments such as :

-partial crowns or dentures- many needy people cannot access a job because they are missing several teeth. By getting free replacements for those teeth their quality of life changes radically

-extractions of infected teeth. There are just too many such poor patients out there who have to put up with a lot of pain and discomfort because of an abscessed tooth. They can’t afford to pay several hundreds for an extraction, they just wait patiently for such free dental care events to be held in their area

-oral cancer checks- the dental staff tries to raise awareness regarding the importance of a good oral health and regular checks to avoid the monstrous oral caner

-cavity fillings- the poorer of the society just live on with dental cavities in their mouths, and such free dental care events come as a blessing to them. By having that cavity filled, decay is stopped and they can return back to their regular tasks without the pain

Without these free dental care events, millions of people would still have to put up with the daily embarrassment, frustration and pain caused by dental problems. Such free dental care events take up a lot of effort and work from dentists, dental hygienists, lab technicians and general volunteers who all join forces and give something back to the community.

The main problem is that even though these free dental care opportunities are posted online, not many people living on minimum income who would be eligible can actually find out about these events. Therefore, people who have constant access to the Internet and read about these free dental care opportunities, and even though they are not interested in getting free care, should spread the word.

Maybe you know someone who might be in need of such services, and then you can truly make a difference in that person’s life…even if only by letting him/her know free dental care is available next month in town.


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    I think it also has to do with proper hygiene education. We have to teach kids and parents how to clean their teeth properly, which will eliminate many dental issues, not all, but many.

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