Best Foods after Teeth Whitening Procedure

After you undergo a cosmetic whitening procedure at the dentist’s office or after using a teeth whitening kit at home, you really need to watch what you are eating.

If you want to keep that beautiful and white smile for a long time to come, experts advise that you should watch what you are eating.

One of the greatest concerns of people who can really see excellent results after the teeth whitening process, is how to maintain the glowing smile for as long as possible.

According to dentists, there are several foods today that will help avoid the staining of the teeth. Therefore if you eat more of these foods on a regular basis, you can keep your white set of teeth for a longer period and you don’t have to undergo another expensive teeth whitening cosmetic procedure too soon.

You can definitely clean your teeth while eating if you start consuming vegetables and fruits such as apples, celery and carrot sticks, and even cauliflower.

While you chew on these healthy foods, even the area in between your teeth will be cleansed properly. Besides, these foods help with the production of saliva which is extremely important in neutralizing the harmful acids in the mouth.

Some of the diary products help greatly in keeping your teeth white and beautiful. Among these foods it is important to mention all types of cheese (especially the hard cheeses) which help in the fight against dental cavities, mainly thanks to an active ingredient called lactic acid.

You should be particularly careful with the consumption of foods that stain the teeth very quickly, such as blackberries, soy sauce and red wine.

You don’t have to give up completely these foods, just make sure to limit the quantities you consume.

One of the most annoying side effects of professional teeth whitening is that your teeth can become extremely sensitive. You should never whiten your teeth professionally too frequently, because tooth enamel erosion might become a problem.

Dentists strongly advise that before using any kind of teeth whitening kit at home, you should ask the opinion of your dentist to see whether the respective kit is suitable for you.

  • Jason Jack

    I really want to keep my teeth clean and white, I’m confident in facing and talking to other people.That is why I always find time to visit my dentist.Seeing a dentist first can eliminate many potential problems that can cost you a lot if you just take it for granted.