How to Find Low Cost Dental Care

The very first step to take is to call the dental society in your state and ask there about the ongoing programs for low cost dental care. Then, you can also check out the nearest dental school and see if there are any programs currently available where they offer affordable dental treatments. Generally, at dental schools you are charged 50% or even 60% less than at a private dentist, but you will get the same high quality dental care.

The health centers in your area also represent good options for low cost dental care. Here, you will pay only as much as you can afford for the dental treatments that you need (on a sliding fee scale basis). These health centers are federally funded, and they can offer low cost dental care even in case you do not have dental insurance. To contact the health center in your area, perform a search at

There are many dentists nowadays who advertise they offer payment plans to patients. This means that you will get the dental treatment you need and then pay for it in affordable installments. Stretching the payment across several months is many times the most affordable option, especially if you need extended dental care (such as crowns, bridges, gum disease treatments and so on).

Also check out the dental discount plans online. This is not dental insurance but a discount card. When you go to a dentist who participates in the plan and show up the card, the discounts will apply on the spot. With dental discount plans you can have access to discounts ranging between 10% and up to 60% on a wide variety of dental treatments. You just need to pay an annual membership fee- for individuals the discount plan costs about $80 to $100 while for families you can already find discount plans at $140.

If you need dental treatments that can wait, such as dental crowns you should also think of saving money and then pay in cash at the dentist. It is not comfortable having to live for three more months without a few teeth, but it is much better to save up then to take out a loan which comes with extra expensive interest rates.

Free dental clinics are also being organized on a daily basis all across the US. You just need to keep searching for free dental events news and whenever one such event is held in your area make sure to make an appointment. The free dental care clinics are mostly intended to help the neediest of the society who have got a very low income, are out of a job, do not have dental insurance, or haven’t seen a dentist in plenty years.

Just make your own plan of research and you will definitely be able to access dental care on low, affordable costs.