Factors Influencing the Cost of Dental Implants

The cost of dental implants is influenced greatly by all the other potential treatments that need to be carried out. Whether it is bone grafting, gum disease treatment or other dental problem, these will add greatly to the overall cost.

Here are some of the main factors that should be considered when calculating the overall cost of dental implants:

Cost of Dental Implants: The prices differ from one dentist to the other.

Contrary to popular belief, prices for dental implants offered by cosmetic dentists or at specialized dental implant clinics are much lower than the ones offered by a general dentist.

Moreover, the quality of the work is much better when you get dental implants through a specialized dentist. Research thoroughly, and make sure to regard quality too, not only the price in itself.

Cost of Dental Implants: Patients struggling with bone density loss will need bone grafting.

When there is no sufficient bone mass available, the dental implants cannot be supported safely by the jaw. Bone grafting is a complex treatment many times needed before performing dental implants procedures, and in patients with bone density loss complications.

Jaw bone height and thickness is generally measured with the help of the CT scan. Bone grafting treatment can add at least $1,000 to the overall cost of the dental implants.

Cost of Dental Implants: The use of abutments for dental implants.

To make the connection between the crown (right above the gum tissue) and the dental implant, some dentists will use an abutment. When abutments are used impressions can be taken much more easier, and dental implants that are fitted with abutments will generally cause less bone density loss.

This is yet another factor that can lead to an increase of the total price of the dental implants. Also, there are pre fabricated and customized abutments available, which are fabricated from different materials. For example, abutments made of Zirconium are much more aesthetic and durable but also more expensive than abutments made of titanium.

Cost of Dental Implants: Temporary crown fitting before the permanent dental implants.

Before the final, permanent dental implant will be ready, dentists might opt to for a temporary crown. Especially in case you need to replace front teeth where it is extremely visible that you lack dentures, provisional crowns are very important. The end result is influenced in a very positive way, if a temporary crown is used before fitting the dental implants.

While you wear the temporary crown, the entire gumline will start shaping in a natural way, creating the best tooth contour for the dental implants to be fitted.

Cost of Dental Implants: The main material the dental implants are fabricated from.

Porcelain bonded with metal represent the most affordable materials when it comes to dental implant crowns. A more expensive option is Zirconia, and dental implant crowns made of this material are of excellent aesthetic quality, surpassing the porcelain and metal crowns.

The crowns made of Zirconia do not contain any metal parts at all, and they are extremely advisable in case of patients struggling with all kinds of sensitivities (where metal components are not an option).