Easing Dental Fear Best Approaches

However, there are many psychological processes, technology and gadget tools or even many types of sedation available which can help easing dental fear, pain and discomfort in the dental chair.

The dental environment
Even though you might not hold it that quintessential, but the dental environment plays a very important role in easing dental fear. It is extremely important that the dental practices do not have an entirely clinical or “hospital” feel. Many dentists nowadays design their offices to resemble mostly a very comfortable and welcoming living room, with warmly painted walls, and furniture that is not completely white. The greatest majority of the instruments are hidden from plain view, and everywhere you look you can see cute, fun and colorful artwork posters and hear a nice, relaxing music in the background.

The interaction of the dentist with the patient
Communication is yet another extremely important factor. You need to find a dentist who is always communicating with you, who listens to your needs and wishes and offers the best advice and suggestions as per the needed dental treatment.

The tell-show –do technique
After you have found yourself a dentist who communicates perfectly, is highly professional and patient with you, the tell-show-do technique is a psychological trick that can help easing dental fear.

This simply implies that the dentist will show you the instruments that he is going to use through the procedure, will explain to you exactly how the procedure will happen, and then will attempt at proceeding with the treatment. When you already know exactly what is going to happen, you will not be taken by “surprise”, and therefore you will become less anxious because you will anticipate what comes next during the treatment.

Sedation dentistry
Extremely anxious patients can now tale advantage of the different sedation dentistry techniques available. For example, there is inhalation sedation or the “laughing gas” technique. By inhaling nitrous oxide, you will be put in a complete state of relaxation, so the dentist can perform the treatment without any problems.

Then, there is IV sedation (intravenous sedation) available, which puts you into a much deeper state of relaxation, where you will not even remember anything from the treatment. IV sedation is mainly suitable when major dental treatments are performed such as dental implants, full mouth reconstruction, and so on.

Technological dental innovations
Patients who struggle with needle phobia, will find the “dental wand” indeed a magical instrument. The wand is basically a computer-controlled anesthetic tool which replaces the traditional sedation injection. Then, the dental drills manufactured lately are not that loud, which again gives the patient a lot of comfort.

Or, there is the “dental button” available, which allows the patient to push it when he feels pain or discomfort and this will make the dentist stop. The patient is given more control over what is happening in the dental chair, and this plays an important role in easing dental fear and anxiety.

  • http://www.mindbodyandsmile.com Miranda Imperi

    I think it’s important to find a dentist that you really click with. We forget that there are so many dentists out there and they all have different personalities. It’s hard to recover from a bad experience but it’s so worth it to give someone else a try.