So, are Invisible Braces Really all that Different?

So, are Invisible Braces Really all that Different?

What does it take to get a confident and beautiful smile? A smile can make all the difference in the world when it comes to first impressions. This is perhaps the only reason why several of us, choose to forgo braces as a part of our dental treatment plan. While vital for our health and image, dental braces can also change the way we look and make us feel insecure in the presence of others. However, with today’s technology, there are several ways to ensure that one wears braces and look good at the same time.

Stay Amongst the Bevy of Beauties with Braces and All

Invisible braces can actually remain undetected and in today’s world it’s important see the advantages of technology before refusing a good pair of braces. Many people have a tendency of refusing dental treatments that tend to change their overall looks, but with the advent of invisible braces, this concern is drastically diminished. This infographic is a great way to compare invisible braces to the traditional sort:


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Invisible Braces

Traditional Braces

Virtually invisible as it does not show the visible lines It is dependent on brackets and wires
Has aligners that ensure the alignment of teeth Traditional elastomeric wires that tend to poke teeth
Can be removed making it easier for brushing Brushing is a pain with wires and brackets
It’s possible to eat food easily Difficult to chew on food with wires in the way


Straightening Your Pearly Whites While Showing Them off

Most dentists suggest a set of braces for the purpose of straightening teeth and since not all of us are born with the perfect teeth; braces are the only devices that straighten them out. No matter what dentist you go to, chances are that you will be recommended braces. However, take up the option of going for invisible ones that are not only helpful for the aligning them but will ensure that they are display your pearly whites.

Your teeth don’t need to hide behind ugly and hurtful braces. One of the best ways to avoid having these issues with braces is to take a quick look at the two before settling on one. It’s a tough decision to avoid braces altogether especially when straightening becomes the need of the hour. With the advanced dental technologies available in the market today, we don’t need to compromise on looks.

As the name suggests, some braces are such that they are invisible and clear, making it look as though the teeth are naked. Ensure that you go to a skilled orthodontist who is aware of the technology used for these invisible braces.


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