How to Determine the Cost of Invisalign

The advancements technology has spawned have infinitely made our lives easier to live. Even those things that caused much intimidation or fear have become easier to bear because they have become easier to understand. With the internet being chock-full of information, there is nothing you can’t prepare for in advance, be it brain surgery or just a simple teeth whitening.

Talking of teeth, most people these days go to great lengths to get a great smile, even if it costs them a bit more than what they are used to. An example of such a procedure they are willing to undergo at any cost is Invisalign.

For those who’ve lived with crooked and crowded teeth their whole lives, this procedure is a God-send primarily because it does the job well without the embarrassments usually associated with wearing metal braces.

This is due to the fact that Invisalign makes use of a series of clear, removable teeth aligners that are customized and created just for you. The aligner trays are made from virtually invisible, smooth and comfortable plastic that you just wear over your teeth, no painful metal screws needed.

Unlike metal braces, they gently and gradually shift your teeth into place based on the treatment plan your orthodontist has come up for you. You just wear a new set of aligners every two weeks until your treatment is complete and you can dazzle the world with exactly the smile you wanted. The best part is, people won’t know you’re getting your teeth straightened unless you actually tell them.

The cost of Invisalign actually depends on two things: dentist’s fees, which are determined by the complexity and length of treatment and your location. In some cases, it depends on whether the treatment will be done by a general dentist or a specialist, in which case the cost may be higher but will yield better results.

Also, the length of treatment can be anywhere between 15-18 months and involves very minimal check up times. It is also about $500 higher than metal braces because dentists need to consider lab fees they need to pay for the aligner trays.

Determining the cost of Invisalign can vary because each case requires different treatment. Usually, a patient who wants to get their teeth straightened via Invisalign will need to consult with a dentist, who then comes up with a treatment plan based on x-rays, pictures and impressions that he takes of the patient’s teeth.

The treatment plan will map out the exact movements of the patient’s teeth and from this same technology, the dentist will also be able to create a virtual representation of how your teeth will move at each stage of the treatment.

While most dentists are trained to do Invisalign treatments, the tougher cases are often referred to specialist who tends to charge more because their treatment will be longer and more extensive and you guessed it, the lab fees will be higher.

The varying cost of Invisalign, however, doesn’t mean you will be able to get it cheap just because your treatment didn’t take long so what most people do to afford it is to get dental insurance that covers the procedure or to check if their orthodontist offers any payment plans. Also, since it falls under orthodontic care, some are able to use their FSAs or Flexible Savings Account to pay for the service.

If you want to avail of affordable but reliable Invisalign treatments, you need to make sure you go to a reputable Invisalign provider or dentist that you can trust online or off. When you browse for reputable providers online, you can look for invisalign Melbourne at and get a free consultation where you can ask everything you need to know and get answers from experts who really know what they’re talking about


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    Fortunately as a dental consumer or patient there are many choices to pick from Invisalign is a wonderful system, also Clear Correct which is a competitor to Invisalign. Other than these two systems that involve clear aligners, there are also many other systems that do use some type of clear tray.

    These days one great option that a consumer can take is cosmetic braces or short term braces. This system actually uses a clear bracket that attaches to the tooth as well as a white tooth colored wire. Systems such as 6 Month Smiles or Fastbraces are the most popular short term cosmetic braces system at least in the United States. Treatment times for these usually are about 6 months or less. Just another treatment option that might be more cost effective compared to doing clear aligner systems.

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