Dentures vs Implants: Which Are Best for Seniors

Deciding which is better may seem cumbersome, but it really all comes down to assessing the benefits and disadvantages associated with a denture appliance or having an dental implant procedure performed. After assessing the pros and cons of both options, the senior can make a prudent decision on what treatment method is best.

Dentures Advantages

When a senior has dentures, they can smile with a greater degree of confidence. Being able to smile will allow the senior enjoy socializing with others, and he or she can also feel more comfortable during close communications with family and friends.

Dentures also help the wearer to maintain a natural face appearance: the face does not appear sunken or misaligned when dentures are in place. What’s more, when a senior wears dentures they are not forced to deal with the speech impediments associated with lost teeth.

Dentures offer practical benefits too since wearing them allows for the senior to chew foods with greater efficiency. Instead of having to avoid foods, the senior can consume many of the foods that they might not attempt to eat without teeth.

Financially speaking, dentures can be far less expensive than the cost of dental implant procedures.

Dentures Disadvantages

When a senior first gets a partial or a full set of dentures, it will take a period of time to adjust to the new appliance. One’s speaking patterns will change over time as the person gets used to wearing the appliance on a daily basis.


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    Where did you get the idea that crowns on implants must be replaced every 10 years. That is insane! I have been placing endosseous implants for almost 20 years and have never heard such nonsense. My patients are doing just fine with the crowns that were placed far longer than 10 years ago. It is this type of medicine show garbage that is destroying the profession.

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