Dental Veneers: Porcelain Veneers vs. Snap-On Teeth

The world these days, sets much store by physical appearances which is why it is no surprise that most people go to great lengths to improve their appearance. A particular aspect of their appearance that they constantly focus on is their smile which not only serves as an invitation for people to get to know us better, but is also the basis on which great first impressions are made.

With all the advancements in dentistry, it is no surprise that cosmetic dental procedures of all shapes, sizes and forms have become available, from bridges, crowns, implants to veneers one can be hard-pressed to find the most suitable procedure for them, let alone the best one.

Also, dental clinics both online and off have made it even more possible to avail of these procedures with interest-free, extended payment and flexible payments plans that allow patients to get the procedures they need most and be able to pay for it according to their terms.

Among the many dental procedures available to people these days, dental veneers are one of the most common and most-sought after procedures, especially by Hollywood celebrities. Dental veneers as you know are wafer-thin, custom-made shells made of tooth-colored materials that are designed to cover the front surface of your tooth to improve their appearance, to change their size, shape, length and color.

Dental veneers fix a lot of common dental problems like gaps between your teeth, teeth that are broken, chipped and worn down and teeth that are discolored due to root canal treatment, excessive fluoride or stained due to tetracycline or maybe those that became discolored due to the presence of large resin fillings. They can also fix teeth that are misaligned, misshapen or uneven.

While dental veneers obviously are a great solution for great, long-lasting results, there are those who may not benefit from this procedure like those who grind or clench their teeth or have sensitive teeth. This is due to the fact that constant grinding or clenching can cause the veneers to crack or chip and since veneers cannot be easily repaired once they break, this can be a problem.

For those with sensitive teeth on the other hand, they can become even more sensitive to hot and cold beverages because this procedure involves removal of approximately ½ millimeter enamel to accommodate the veneers. It is also not ideal for those who are medically-compromised or have undergone radiation therapy to the head and neck.

This is why to all these seeming hurdles, the invention of snap-on teeth is a definite god-send. As the name suggests, it is a dental appliance that can dramatically improve your smile in mere seconds. You don’t need to get your teeth drilled or have any enamel removed – you just fit it over your existing teeth and voila! You are ready for your close-up, anytime and every time.

The great advantage this newest dental gadget has is the fact that it can be made to be as thin as .5 mm and still be as strong as if you had customized dental veneers made. It is made of crystallized acetyl resin which is the same material used for replacement heart valves, which makes it very durable and about as stain-resistant as an actual porcelain veneer.

And while it seems like you can just get it off the internet like you would an off-the-rack dress, it is actually not. Getting snap-on veneers requires two visits to the dentist and 3 weeks of waiting, assuming you are a good candidate for it.

Your first visit will determine your suitability for the procedure and where impressions of your teeth and the checking of your bite registration will happen. The second visit will take place 2-3 weeks later, where the dentist will now fit you with your new snap-on veneers, make any last-minute adjustments and give instruction on how to clean and care for them.

Which leads us to the obvious question on which one is better: getting permanent dental veneers or temporary snap-on ones? It is actually not a question of what procedure is better but snap-on veneers do have the advantage of being less expensive, less invasive and definitely less time-consuming than porcelain veneers.

And they are the best options for people with dental phobias since they are absolutely painless and it is even excellent for those who grind or clench their teeth because snap-on veneers cannot crack or chip.

But if it’s a question of which one is a better investment, then your best bet are dental veneers since you can use them for as long as 5-10 years with proper care and maintenance, as opposed to snap-on veneers which can be good for just up to 5 years with proper care and maintenance as well.

Plus, it doesn’t really fix your dental problems – it doesn’t magically fill the gaps between your teeth or make broken down or chipped teeth whole again. It is exactly what it is – a temporary solution that can cover up your teeth imperfections but doesn’t solve them permanently.

In the end the real question you have to ask yourself is, which procedure will serve you better in the long run and which one will be worth your hard-earned money and precious time. Remember that while it can be tempting to choose the easy way, it can also mean losing what’s important just as easily and that nothing worth having is easy to get.

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