Becoming a Dental Research Patient: What does it Mean?

Some of the most popular include getting treatments at dental schools, shopping for a dental discount plan or choosing a dentist who offers treatments on a sliding fee scale basis. But how about getting low cost/free dental treatments by becoming a dental research patient?

Reputable dental clinics all across the US, such as the PPD (dental pain research clinic located in Austin TX), or the GO (General and Oral Health Center) at the University of North Carolina have such dental research studies ongoing. These research studies are medically supervised and they generally help with the evaluation of new drugs for dental pain relief, post surgical dental pain relief, and so on.

Patients can access all the important details of such a dental research study on the main website of each clinic or research center. Also, the patient will find out about the exact number of visits required for that study, what are the main requirements, what are the exclusions, and for how long will the study run.

It is important to keep in mind that all these health studies are extremely carefully analyzed and supervised by clinicians and reputable scientists. Each research study description will also provide in depth information regarding the potential risks associated with that respective study.

Some of these highly reputable clinics in the US see as many as 1,000+ patients enrolled in their studies each year. Volunteer patients who enroll in such studies will typically receive certain dental treatments at very low cost, or for free. Some examples include:

 Free dental health screenings (preventative screenings, oral cancer screenings, etc.)

 Free professional dental advice regarding proper oral health hygiene, or advice regarding the best course of treatment

 If the patient needs dental treatments other than those offered for free by participating in the research, the dental staff can offer these additional treatments at a fraction of the price charged by a private dentist

 It is important to research well and understand all the terms and conditions of participation of each study, because there are some studies which also offer payments besides the free treatments

 Some of the major dental treatments offered at no cost may include surgical extraction of impacted wisdom teeth, root canal treatments, and even jaw reconstruction surgery

Registering with the database of these clinics is quite easy- the clinic offers online registrations forms which can be filled out by those who want to volunteer. As a rule, volunteers who are not accepted in these dental research studies include:

-pregnant women/ women who are breastfeeding
-patients who consume regularly alcohol/ heavy smokers
-patients who are under a certain treatment with prescription medication that might interfere with the purpose or result of the study.

Those who are interested to participate in such dental research studies, should research online for local clinics or health organizations and contact the respective clinics for further information.

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