Possible Dental Implant Problems

Dental Implants are better alternative to the regular and ordinary dentures when it comes to missing tooth replacement and restoring your brilliant smile and self confidence. Dental implants will not slip or fall off your gums putting you in an embarrassing situation.

They are more comfortable than removable dentures because they feel like your natural teeth. There will be no more eating and taste problems and restrictions. You’ll be able to talk clearly with dental implants unlike with dentures especially those that don’t fit you well.

You must also be aware of the possible dental implant problems that may occur after the process.

The most common of dental implant problems is the peri-implantitis. This is characterized by inflammation or swelling of the tissues surrounding the dental implants. Peri-implantitis is caused by presence of bacteria and other organisms in the area. This can lead to bone loss and can cause the implant to fail.

This kind of dental implant problem can be treated by cleaning and making the implant surface smooth to remove plaque build up, rinsing with antiseptic mouthwash, taking amoxicillin or other kinds of antibiotics prescribed by your doctor, and keeping good oral hygiene. In some cases, the implant will be extracted to allow the area to heal and regenerate before a new one will be planted.

Nerve damage is one of dental implant problems that cause pain. This is usually due to the dentist’s fault. The dentist must have placed the implant very close to a nerve. In some cases, implants are placed precisely on top of the nerve resulting to unbearable pain. When this happens, dental implant should be removed or extracted right away to stop the pain. While waiting for the process, you can ask your doctor to give you a pain reliever if the pain is too much to bear.

Another dental implant problem is breakage. The implant will have the tendency to bend and break because it is basically made of titanium or other metals. The only remedy or solution for this case is replacing the implant with a new one.

Loose or unsteady implant is another common dental implant problem. This problem could occur if the technique used in placing the implant is not right. This can also be caused by poor osseointegration or failure to integrate the implant with the bone material. Excessive force from teeth grinding or biting can also make the implant wobbly.

Go to your dentist so he or she could check your dental implant problem. There are some cases in which extraction or removal of the implant is not necessary. The problem can be fixed by the dentist without having to remove dental implant.

Infection is a dental implant problem caused by the implant device or the first process of inserting the device into the jaw bones. The gums around the implant and the bone area where the implant was placed are usually affected by infection. There are some cases where the teeth near the dental implant are also affected by the infection. Like in peri-implantitis, antibiotics and antiseptics can also be taken or used.

To avoid dental implant problems, make sure to follow your dentist’s advice and instruction prior to and after the operation. “The best way to keep your whole mouth healthy and reduce the risks of bacteria build up and infection, always maintain a good oral hygiene”, says Dr. Alfieri Giuliano. “In our dental clinic in Parma, Italy we implant any kind of dental prostheses, both fixed and mobile, thanks to the latest technological applications available. We offer qualitative dental treatment and 50% low prices than can cost dental treatment and implant procedures in such countries like US, UK, Germany and France.”

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  • http://worldental.org Nona Vestal

    I believe I have the peri-implantitus and experiencing alot of pain. I am unemployed and have no insurance, living in the East Texas area. What are my options for relief? I would really like this implant taken out. Had since 1994 and my gums are growing over the implant.
    Would someone please advise?

  • Nick

    I just completed one titanium implant in both lower sites back teeth. I am totally annoyed that the food in any meal goes under the new tteth…that causes inmediate bacteria creation. There is a space under the new teeth where the food inmediatly accumnulates and because it is a covered sdpace it is not cleanable by any tooth brush on earth, only dental floss can go under the teeth. This is stupid that dentists think that we are stupid and would allow that. Is there any dental mal practice resource available to go to get this idiotic dentist?

  • helen

    I have implants also i wish i never did it.cause i always get shock.can feel waves of electricity,from all this wireless intenet router,cell phone, computer,digital tv,smartmeter for electricity that there replacing in house and apartment.i can feel it all the time get zapped by tv spark and all this new tech stuff.who ever is going to do implants dont do it.im going to investagate this about titianum rods implants.and electricity current.helen

  • Martin Freye

    My implants are fixed OK but the teeth keep falling off. Is the glue strong enough?

    They’ve come off three times in as many years.

    Should I ask the dentist to try different glue? What’s the commonest cause?

    I’m worried that they’ll drop of again while I’m eating the turkey this Christmas and make me a laughing stock!