Dental Braces: Teeth Straightening for a Beautiful Smile

There are many patients out there who suffer because of overcrowded, misaligned or crooked teeth. They can gain a beautiful smile within up to 1 year if they wear the correct type of dental braces.

Besides creating the helpful and corrective dental braces, specialists working in the field of orthodontics can give you special advice regarding how to care properly both for your teeth and your dental braces.

It is extremely important to know that once you are required to wear dental braces there are many rules that you should respect. Firstly, you really need to stay away from hard and crunchy foods during the time you have to wear the braces. For instance, hard candy that you would chew on or popcorn, are two such foods definitely to be avoided.

By consuming these foods, you can easily crack your teeth or create damages to the wiring of your braces. The dental braces are generally very expensive, and once you deteriorate them you would have to pay for another device to be created.

Avoiding such hard foods is also important because you might accidentally provoke the tooth to become loose. When the tooth becomes loose and you have the braces on, you wouldn’t even notice the harm, until the braces come off.

Also, if the orthodontist notices that your tooth is loose, he will most probably prolong the dental braces treatment time. If you don’t want having to wear your braces for even 4 months more, avoid foods that are very difficult to bite into or to chew (hard apples, sour candy, or chewy and sticky sweets such as caramel).

You also need to pay special attention when cleaning your teeth. You have to brush them using a toothbrush with soft bristles, and make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly to eliminate all possible food particles.

If you do not pay special attention to brushing regularly and vigorously, you could end up with badly stained teeth, gingivitis or even gum disease.

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