Dental Braces Issues & when to Visit the Emergency Dentist

Broken dental braces/Braces that become loose

When you consume extra hard or sticky foods (such as chewing on caramel or eating toffee), you might notice that your braces become loose or that they are broken.

If you experience discomfort and pain because of the loose or broken braces, you should treat this as a dental emergency.

Call your orthodontist and schedule an appointment in order to get the problem fixed. It s extremely important not to attempt to “repair” or mend the braces with elastics and headgear appliance.

Loose dental braces band

Again, if you consume too many sticky foods, a band on the dental brace might become loose. Inspect your dental braces and see if the band is still attached to the wires of the braces.

You might notice a slight wobbling movement of the wire, but anyhow you must call your orthodontist and schedule an appointment in order to fix the issue. The band of the dental braces can be recemented and then you will feel the dental braces secured again.

In case the band has already come off your tooth, the spaces of the band that need recementation might easily close within a few days.

If you cannot get an appointment soon for recementation, you can still call your dentist and make an appointment in order to get special separators which will hinder the band spaces from closing. It is extremely important to take the dental braces band with you to the appointment so that the orthodontist can assess better the problem.

Dental braces with the end of the wires poking out

Your teeth are continuously shifting and moving within your mouth, as they try to realign nicely thanks to the pressure exercised by the braces. This is a normal thing, but the ends of the dental braces wires might poke out right at the back of the molars.

This might cause a lot of pressure, pain and discomfort, and you can easily injure healthy tissue within the mouth (injure your gum lines or the inside of your cheeks).

As an emergency solution, you should use dental wax or a tiny piece of cotton to cover up the end of the wire that is causing the discomfort. However, using cotton or any other material that might easily be swallowed is prohibited to be used during nights.

You could also get a nail clipper and try to cut off the end of the wire that is causing the problem. However, before using the clipper, you should make sure to sterilize it with alcohol so that you will not spread any infection.

If you simply cannot straighten the problem, you should call an emergency dentist for an appointment, so that the 24 hour dentist will take care of the problem.

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