Dentures Costs: Fixed, Partial and Removable Dentures Prices

The dental health market offers several options of dentures, tailored for several needs and budgets of course.

You can choose between acrylic, metal, porcelain or resin removable dentures plates. Also, there are the traditional dentures that hare held in place through suction, and there are the implant dentures which represent the most expensive solution.

Let’s see some of the dental health scenarios and the costs included for dentures:

Basic Dentures Cost

For basic dentures, you will pay somewhere between $300 and $500/plate, while for a full lower or upper set you might pay up to $1,000.

The basic dentures are not that aesthetic, as they represent the cheapest method, and they also come with poor warranties for the materials used. If however, the dentures are medically needed by the patient, insurance can cover up to 50% (generally, in the 15% to 50% coverage range).

Full Dentures Cost

For a full denture set in the mid-range you can pay even up to $3,000. The good part is that these dentures are somewhat aesthetically more appealing than the basic dentures, and you will generally receive a warranty of 2 years.

Premium Dentures Cost

For the personalized, premium dentures, you need to take out of pocket between $2,000 and $4,000 per plate, and $8,000+ for a full upper or lower set.

For these dentures professionals use very high quality materials that are durable and also very aesthetic. Some dental offices will offer you even up to 10 years warranty for the premium dentures.

Removable Partial Dentures Cost

The removable partial dentures which are made of gold have prices of $3,000+, while the standard removable ones are abut $700 and can go up to $1,800 (the acrylic ones).

Remember that before being able to wear dentures, the damaged biologic teeth need to be pulled. Therefore, to all these costs, you also need to calculate the charge for the extracted. Generally, a tooth extraction is between $75 and $400+ if this is a simple extraction.

Patients who need surgical extraction, will need to take out of pocket between $150 and $650. For a full set of teeth, the dentures can cost anything between $1,500 and $20,000 with extractions included, and other preparation costs. On average, it can be said that patients need to pay $9,000 for dentures.

Implant Dentures Cost

Regarding the dental implants, these are the most expensive. A patient needs to pay for a removable denture plate anything between $3,500 and even $30,000.

The price certainly depends on many factors such as the number of teeth needed to be replaced, the type of implant (mini implants vs. traditional implants), and many other procedures needed. The price for a full set of implants for the upper + the lower jaw can cost $90,000 or even more.