Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures – For Beginners

Your teeth can easily become stained if you indulge in drinking too much coffee, red wine or black tea, and if you eat many foods that stain the teeth. Luckily, with the help of a good cosmetic dentist, you can achieve a beautiful and bright white smile with professional teeth whitening.

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses a large variety of procedures which are meant to repair your teeth aesthetically. If you happen to chip or break your tooth, the cosmetic dentist can repair that too, while if you have badly crooked or misaligned teeth, dental veneers are your best option.

However, still the most popular cosmetic dental procedure is bleaching (or teeth whitening). There is a new technique called Zoom whitening, which is done extremely fast and is the same efficient. It is a chair side dental treatment method which is absolutely painless, and gives fantastic results.

The cosmetic dentist like the Mt Pleasant Dental in Perth, Australia can repair chipped, broken, fractured or decayed teeth with dental bonding, a technique done in one sitting at the dentist. This procedure involves that the cosmetic dentist will mould tooth colored resin onto the deteriorated tooth and coat it nicely to make it look extremely natural.

After applying this mold, the dentist is going to polish and shape the tooth to match exactly your other teeth, so that you will have a picture perfect smile.

The dental veneers are basically very thin sheets of porcelain which are fitted onto the outer surface of the teeth. In order to be able to fit the veneers, the dentist will have to polish the natural tooth first.

Dental veneers represent a much more expensive alternative to the traditional dentures, but this treatment option is a more expensive one as well.

It will take a few visits to the dentist for the treatment to be performed. The dentist will have to take impressions of your teeth, then the veneers are custom made in a dental lab and only after that can the dentist fit them onto your teeth.

The onlays and the inlays are other alternatives for the traditional dental filling. These onlays and inlays are fitted onto the decayed tooth (generally on the chewing surface teeth), and they are polished and fitted to match perfectly all your other teeth. This procedure is perfect for larger cavities or for repairing cracks in the chewing surfaces.

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