How to Choose the Best Dental Care Overseas

It is called the Dental Excellence Association (DEA), founded in 2011 and based in London. Membership is open to dentists, dental clinics, manufacturers and dealers of dental technology worldwide.Dentists and dental clinics can apply for the award. The DEA will develop a short list of candidates based on certain ranking criteria, such as:

– How sophisticated is the equipment and technology?
– Are CT scans and digital x-rays offered?
– Is there a dental lab in house?
– Is the practitioner specialized in at least one field?
– Is the practice ISO-9001-certified by an independent auditor for quality management?
– Do patients enjoy a first-class atmosphere and VIP service?
– Can the practice boast an impressive online reputation?
– Are the practitioners published?
– Are they conference speakers or peer educators?

All short-listed candidates are then visited incognito by a DEA auditor who poses as a “mystery patient”.

Once a year, the Dental Excellence Award is given which offers patients impartial information on the top winners. An Australian dental clinic took the first spot worldwide in 2012. The dentaprime Dental Clinic in Varna, Bulgaria, earned the No. 2 spot and was ranked tops in Europe. Only two U.S. providers made the top 10 which goes to show that the most expensive care is not necessaily the best.

If you are facing major procedures, it’s well worth your while to investigate overseas dental care providers. Many patients find that they can pay for their travel expenses out of savings realized and have money left over. Why not combine a pleasant stay in a resort area with your dental treatments?

These days, implants are a popular choice, but they can be all but unaffordable in the U.S. for most patients – even those with dental insurance. If your dentist has told you that you need a sinus lift, i.e., bone rebuilt in your jaw before implants can be set, then you’ll have to count on two trips to an overseas clinic. It takes at least six months before the bone mass will be reconstructed.

Of course, there are many other procedures worth doing overseas while enjoying a relaxing vacation. You’ll just want to make sure that you choose a top provider.

Visit for a list of the 2012 winners worldwide.