Get Ceramic Braces for a Great Smile

The correction of teeth alignment is the work of a specialist and an orthodontist is whom you will be visiting.

There are several kinds of brackets that can be used to give you that lovely smile. One of the ways in which they are differentiated is on the basis of the materials they are made of – metal and ceramic being the two predominant ones.

The Advantages of Ceramic Brackets
Brackets or even braces as they are also known are affixed to the surface of the teeth and have arched wires passing through them. These are tightened on a regular basis to pull the teeth into the desired alignment. While metal brackets were a common practice years ago, ceramic braces were developed to be more discrete.

These ceramic versions are close to the color of your teeth and therefore are not quite discernable in the mouth. This helps bring down the level of self-consciousness that one feels when in brackets. Within the range, one can even choose to go with colorful bands, enlivening the mouth or could opt for something as close in color to natural as possible. This helps patients of all age groups.

Taking Care of Ceramic Braces
There are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to the care of these natural colored brackets. They can often get stained and therefore there are certain foods that you must try and avoid:

• Spices such as mustard
• Strong black coffee
• Any form of dark teas
• Artificial food colouring
• Synthetically coloured sodas
• Food with a heavy tomato base

Any one of these items can result in some unsightly staining of your brackets and this will completely defeat their aesthetic purpose. A tip to keep in mind on how to keep track of what would be the right food or not – if there is a chance it will stain your clothes then it will definitely stain your teeth. In such cases, not only will the braces be stained, but so will the ligatures and bands holding it together.

There is a chance that despite all the care you take you may end up staining your teeth. If this is the case, a few things you need to remember:

• Teeth whitening products will not necessarily help
• Mouth washes with peroxyl in the ingredients list can clean up to a certain extent
• Regular brushing and flossing as recommended by your doctor is something you need to follow religiously

Before you do anything, consult your doctor first, else you may end up using a product that may negatively affect the gum holding your braces in place.