How To Brighten Your Smile For Charity

The field of cosmetic dentistry is a fast-growing industry fueled by demand from patients who are seeking the benefits that a bright, healthy smile has to offer. Some examples of cosmetic dentistry treatments include:

Veneers – Porcelain dental veneers can help fill gaps between teeth that have become chipped, misaligned or excessively stained.

Laser Gum Sculpting – One of the most recent developments in the correction of the “gummy smile” (reducing excessive gum line exposure in a smile) with the use of special laser technology.

Teeth Whitening – A widely popular treatment in and often reported to make a significant impact on patient satisfaction.

Dental Implants – When teeth become damaged or are missing because of various factors like disease or unexpected trauma dental implants may be suggested for restorative purposes. This typically involves a surgeon or periodontist placing a permanent implant into the bone, then a crown is mounted to the implant after is has integrated with the bone.

Smiles for Life

Hundreds of cosmetic dental practices are participating in a charity event designed to raise money for The Smiles for Life Foundation which is the charitable branch of the Crown Council. From March 2013 through June 2013, The Crown Council members are partnering with Philips Oral Health Care to help raise money for the Foundation which supports disabled and underprivileged kids, and whiten teeth for patients at the same time.

Here’s how the program is designed:

  • The practices donates their time for teeth whitening
  • Philips Oral donates the whitening materials
  • Patients get their teeth professionally whitened and 100% of the contributions go directly to support children through Smiles for Life

One San Diego cosmetic dentist, Dr. David Hornbrook, is participating in the Smiles for Life fundraising event and announced it on his blog – Hornbrook Center For Dentistry.

Dr. Hornbrook offers tips on his blog for readers who are looking to help maintain their newly whitened teeth stand out:

  • Limit your teeth’s exposure to strong pigments.
  • Swish with some water after consuming any of the foods or drinks listed above.
  • Chew sugarless gum to clean your mouth after eating.
  • Brush and floss every day to reduce the ability of stains to set in and build up.

Interested in getting your teeth whitened and spreading the word about Smiles for Life at the same time? Check out the website to find a participating dentist near you and help be a part of an organization that can brighten the life of an underprivileged child and brighten your smile at the same time.

Dr. David Hornbrook is a San Diego dentist and well-known for his dedication to excellence and patient care. As a proud member of the Crown Council, Dr. Hornbrook is participating in the Smiles for Life fundraiser to help funds for ill, disabled and underprivileged children.