Bright Smiles: Cheaper Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Cosmetic dentistry is generally associated with Hollywood stars who need to have a perfect smile at all times, but they can afford to dig deep in their pockets and pay for a full set of the best dental veneers for their teeth. However, you should keep in mind that not all the cosmetic dental treatments are so expensive.

The most common cosmetic dental intervention is when the patient gets 6 o 8 dental veneers applied onto the teeth, and this can cost even $10,000+. Well, if you would like a set of bright, white and straight teeth maybe your dentist can come up with a combination of cosmetic dentistry alternates that will cost less.

For example, with the help of dental shaping and then a dental whitening procedure (in office, laser tooth whitening) you can get pretty much the same results as you would get with dental veneers, provided the dentist is extremely skilled. Of course this will not apply in your case your teeth are extremely damaged or they have very thin enamel. Patients with weakened enamel actually go for the dental veneers because once they are applied tooth sensitivity is reduced.

So, besides performing dental shaping to make the teeth look symmetrical, and the dental whitening procedure, the dentist should also replace your old fillings. Generally, they will replace the old fillings with white fillings so that your entire smile will get a uniform color.

Especially if you have got dental fillings on your front teeth which have become stained with time, it is necessary to replace these because with dental whitening your fillings and your teeth will not be of the same shade of white. This is why it is important that dental fillings replacement is performed before dental whitening.

Uneven and pointed teeth can all be “smoothed out” with dental shaping, so that you will finally enjoy a smile that you can be proud of. Basically, instead of a single treatment which might cost you tens of thousands of dollars, the dentist can perform these three types of treatments which are cosmetic in nature to achieve similar results- dental shaping, replacement of the fillings and dental whitening.

Typically, the cost of these treatments will not even reach $1,500 and you can enjoy teeth which are beautifully straight and white. Talk to your dentist about these smile enhancement options if you consider that you need some cosmetic dental work done at an affordable cost.

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